Kiev is approaching

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Published on Saturday, 28 April 2018 11:55
Written by By Angel Riverón Barranco
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The beautiful Kiev, known for its religious architecture, its secular monuments and its history museums, will host on May 26 the grand final of the European Champions League, and be a direct witness of who will win the most important football title at the of clubs.

And this week the four survivors or semifinalists of the Championships met in the first leg of the semifinals and there are two of them with ample options to face each other in the Kiev Olympic before more than 70 000 spectators and the television stations of the whole world.

On the one hand the Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp on the bench and Mohamed Salah on the court and on the other side the Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo the record man of the Champions League.

Liverpool paints for champion

The Liverpool received in the city of the Beatles and in the mythical Anfield Road to Rome, which had thunderously eliminated Messi's Barcelona, but after a first 15 minutes of certain parity, the King of Egypt Mohamed Salah, confirmed his great moment and scored twice, and two goals, to go to the break with solvent advantage.

On the way back, no news of the Rome and the luxury trident of Liverpool continued to party, Salah with a display of a Golden Ball, attended twice and Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino on two occasions, put a 5-0 lapidary.

But if something brought the Roma here is not to surrender as bad as he painted the thing, and when the reds relaxed, the Romans from the hand of his gladiator Edin Dzeko scored and Perroti made it a penalty and the final score of 5 -2 is now dreaming of many with another historic comeback in Rome, something I honestly do not think will happen again. Liverpool already has half a ticket for Kiev. Jurgen Klopp can enter the history network, and his trident Salah, Mané and Firmino is fashionable in Europe and a threat to anyone.

Madrid- Bayern, the Classic of Europe
Much tighter and could not be otherwise was the Classic of Europe between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich whites visited the Alianza Arena where the Bavarians had 74 games without losing in all competitions, and Champions since they fell before the own Madrid last season by 2-1, and there the story was repeated, Real Madrid won again by 2-1.

The clash was dominated by Bayern from end to end, more shots to the goal, more possession of the ball, and many more opportunities, the Teutons always took the initiative to the point and the whites defended en bloc betting to try to counter-strike again and again.

It was an intense but rare match, at minute 20 Bayern lost two important players, Arjen Rooben and Boateng, then on the side of Madrid Isco and Carvajal, all abandoned by injury.

From one to other side was not fine, the two stars had very little contact with the ball neither Lewandoski nor Cristiano Ronaldo could impose, and it was two laterals that opened the scoring for their teams.


Josua Kimich, on the side of Bayern opened the scoring with a hard shot that slipped through the post that had to defend with more conviction Keylor Navas, but as Xavi Alonso had said he played in the two teams, a day earlier, to Madrid with half chance makes you goal, and that's how it was, when the locals played better, Marcelo, that big one, put a crossed left-footed goal unreachable for the Teutonic goal.

To rest with equality, but Madrid played its best minutes between 46 and 65 and it was there where a corner out took advantage of a rival error between Lucas Vázquez and Marco Ascencio fulminate Bayern Munich, with the latter goal again it behaves at the height of a great date.

Thus with narrow margin imposed the Madrid, who will play the return on May 1 at the Santiago Bernabéu and both teams will have significant losses, by the Germans Robben, Vidal, Boategn, and perhaps Alaba, and Madrid Nacho, Carvajal, Isco, and maybe Varane, everything will be decided in the white coliseum, those of Madrid look for their third consecutive final and continue making history something that really deludes Real Madrid. And on May 2 in Rome Liverpool will seek to sentence and play in Kiev.


 May 26 approaches and Kiev waits for two great, the history and the success of the season depend on it, luck for all.

Translated by Ada Iris Iris Guerrero