Mijaín will look for the feat in Tokyo

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Published on Friday, 27 April 2018 12:19
Written by By Angel Riverón Barranco riveron@cmbt.icrt.cu
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«It would be very nice for our people and something very big for me, I am giving my best to bring you that joy from Tokyo»

These words are from a man who has made history in Cuban and international sports, they are of a certain legend, which faces the final moments of a brilliant career, but with the desire and the courage of the first day. Those words are from Mijaín López.


And no one can doubt that the burly dark of Pinar del Rio, bring Rio de Janeiro, his fourth Olympic gold medal, to swell even more its large trophy room where its five world titles and three Olympic gold shine.

With 35 years behind him and a great sports career that leads him to be among the 5 best fighters of all time, Mijaín López returns to training with his eyes set on 2020 and some summer games that can, if possible, return more immortal of what is already for Cuba and the world.

"We are fulfilling the planned strategy, reaching an Olympic Games is difficult, competing in five more, but we trust that the result will come out. You can trust me as always, that breath that I receive is very important ",

That's what the Greco-Roman gladiator is sure of, the support of his people, who trust him and his intact quality, and also because we know that nobody inspires as much respect in rivals as Mijaín.


The challenge of Mijaín López is to enter the history of Olympic sport as the first fighter to win 4 gold medals, he already did it in Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio de Janeiro 2016, equaling three other Russian monsters and legends of this sport as Alexander Karelin in his Greco-Roman style and to the librarians Buvaisar Satiev, and Alexander Medved.

The possibility is real and he knows it, that is why he tries so hard and already has a preparation plan prepared with competitive schedules until the Olympians, he is like a young oak, according to his own words and as he says he has to "get it out of the way" "And" at the moment of truth I grow up, because Cubans have that, to more challenge, cooo ... reason "

Preparation, confidence, and much optimism are the keywords in our man legend of the Greco-Roman and world fight, the road to the Japanese capital is not a bed of roses, but for Mijaín a man who when he enters the mattress is transformed completely with That heart to which he refers is not impossible, because when there is a will and confidence in himself, everything is attainable, and for Miajin Lopez it is well worth waiting for Tokyo 2020 to arrive, what do you think?

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero