Fairies from the books

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Published on Saturday, 09 June 2018 13:30
Written by By Yuniel Rodríguez yuniel@cmbt.icrt.cu
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Verses an old Chinese proverb that said: "Librarians are not the ones who have all the answers, but the ones who know how to find them". And so it is. Librarians are like those mythical goblins of fairy tales who know where the greatest treasures are, but who in their case know the exact location of the books, their authors, their specialty, in short, almost with their eyes closed they can find out what the reader looks for.

Martha Caridad Pedroso, for more than five years serves as director of the Public Library Antonio José Oviedo, Jaruco, and says that the good librarian must be a connoisseur of universal literature, have mastery of a general culture, be informed and know almost to perfection everything that moves in the institution.

And it is that the work of the librarian goes much further than the work in the center, says Martha Caridad Pedroso, because it is also about offering a good deal and service in the center, making the reader or visitor leave satisfied with what he was looking for it, because that way, he will surely come back at another time.

According to Martha, director of the Antonio José Oviedo Public Library, the other seven room techniques in the institution coincide. Aimé Abreu, in charge of the center's research, and passionate about the wonderful universe of letters, to work there is to find a connection and complicity with the book or text that is being consulted, because they are simply a source of information that transports us and teach us .

In the meantime, for the young Dariana Camps Caraballo, the technique of the children's room, working with books was always her dream as a child, and she felt the need to take to others the pleasure of looking at a book, of arriving to the perfect point where knowledge and wisdom converge.

Today the work of the specialists of the Public Library Antonio José Oviedo, of Jaruco, is the reflection of the commendable dedication of the outstanding Cuban Antonio Bachiller y Morales, considered the father of the Cuban bibliography, who was born just on June 7 but of the year 1812

That is why the librarians of Jaruco always wait for you there, with an infinite smile and kindness, with the desire that everyone who goes in search of a book will leave with the commitment to return.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero