The World Cup in Russia is here

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Published on Friday, 08 June 2018 13:31
Written by By Angel Riverón Barranco
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The 21st edition of the Football World Cup, which this time has Russia for the first time as host, is already breathing. The world will rotate for a month to the rhythm of the goals and the unique joys that the most universal of sports brings.

Only seven countries, throughout the previous 20 World Cups, could lift the Cup, they are Uruguay (1930, 1950), Italy (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006), Germany (1954,1974, 1990, 2014), Brazil ( 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002), England (1966), Argentina (1978,1986), France (1998) and Spain (2010), in this chronological order was that they were crowned.


What are the main stars of this World Cup? Which of them will shine more? Who will win in Russia? These are three good questions to answer.

The easiest of all questions is the first, because each of the 32 teams qualified for Russia, has its star player well defined, even some have more than one.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal, and Lionel Messi, Argentina, command the group of stars for the last 10 years, they are the brightest, joined by the Brazilian Neymar Junior, the Colombian James Rodríguez, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the French Antoine Griezman the German Toni Kross, the Croatian Luka Modric, the Spaniard; Andrés Iniesta, the Belgian Eden Hazard, and the English Harry Kane closes this list of the best players in the world who will be present from the opening whistle on Thursday 14. There are others but without the brightness of these.


And the second question about which of them will shine more has much to do with which squires lead to Russia, in that the advantage right now does not have neither CR7 nor Messi, and if Neymar, Toni Kroos, Griezman and Iniesta, because Brazil, Germany , France and Spain are the main candidates to win this World Cup, they arrive with real teams and then comes Leo Messi before another new opportunity to perpetuate once his name as the best of all time, but this Argentina does not seem like other tournaments are seen looser, something that many associate for the good of Lionel with which he lifted the Cup in Mexico 86 after an unforgettable performance by Diego Maradona.

And I already cleared a bit of who should raise the world cup, but I reiterate, for me and in this order should be, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, and Argentina, if someone other than one of these five is champion It will be quite a feat, because right now I do not see how with these staff one of these does not win the World Cup.

Of course, if there is a group of four teams that can surprise more than one and even leave on the way to some super favorite, but I do not see them as the absolute winner, they are Portugal, Belgium, England or Croatia, the others are going to compete, but also to have fun knowing that your real options do not exist and that being there you can already be satisfied.

The opening match will be on Thursday June 14 between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia corresponding to Group A, this at 11 o'clock in the morning of Cuba, by the way the schedules to see this World Cup for Cubans are relatively comfortable especially if you have already planned, a match will be played at six in the morning, on Saturday, June 16, and all others in the group stage will be at 8 in the morning, 10, and two o three p.m.

There is little known about the opening ceremony, only that Alexei Sokorin, head of the Organizing Committee, explained that it will be much shorter than that of the previous World Cups. Friends Russia 2018 is here, just need to start shooting Adidas Telstar18 and enjoy the most important sporting event on planet Earth.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero