Producers of Radio Jaruco, International Award in Radio and Television Convention, Cuba 2018

Jaruco, Mayabeque. The workers of Radio Jaruco woke up this Monday with airs of celebration after knowing that the group of the space Cajita de Música, of this station, deserved the Alberto Luberta International Prize, in the section of musical programs, of the Third International Convention of Radio and Television, Cuba 2018, which was held until this Sunday at the resort of Varadero.

radio-jaruco-emisoraTheir directors Anelis Díaz and Katy Ramírez, appeared on Monday on the programs From the Radio and Disco AM, respectively, transmitting to the faithful audience of The voice of the County City, the reason for the success of the space, simply ... the love with the children's disco was worked.


Anelis, scriptwriter of the program, commented that the subject had already worked in previous years, which this time, counted with the advice of Milagros Perera and Juan Manuel Rodríguez Couto, to detail notes related to the origin and development of the complex of son and the incorporation of instruments to their sonority. She also said that when she defined the idea, she would take another important part of the creative process of the Cajita de Música program: would it be how to get this topic to children? And the response, she said, was very simple, with actors that gave life to the musical instruments.

For its part, Katy Ramírez, regular director of that program that airs on Radio Jaruco, from Monday to Friday, from one and thirty to two in the afternoon, said that the table work and the recording of the space was one of the magical moments of this pleasant experience; but at the same time, a great challenge, taking into account that more than ten people performed for the first time before a microphone. Even so, the touch of fun and love was always present in that process.


As the popular saying goes, "the good perfume comes in a small bottle", the Cajita de música program, competed in one of the most difficult categories of the Third International Convention of Radio and Television, Cuba 2018, in front of spaces with themes specialized others dedicated to great personalities of music inside and outside the Island; but this one, ours, overflowed identity, culture, cubanía and passion to make this type of radio existing in the whole world, the community radio.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero