Prepared and alerts

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Published on Monday, 04 June 2018 13:49
Written by By Yordan Díaz
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Every first of June nature awakens an alert in Cubans that extends until November 30. Within these dates is when the environment in the Caribbean is more shaken by the occurrence of tropical cyclones.

The most information about these atmospheric phenomena began to be developed by meteorology during the second half of the 19th century. After the date, observation instruments are gradually being modernized with the aim of disclosing more accurately the existence and development of cyclones.



The heavy rains accompanied by the wind make these natural phenomena feared by a large part of the population. An example of this was the named hurricane of the 26th category three, that October 20, 1926 with sustained winds of 193 kilometers per hour. It was one of the most intense that hit Cuba during the past century, leaving more than 600 victims and significant material damage in the western part of the country.


After the decisive revolutionary triumph on January 1, 1959, security measures began to be adopted within the population and in state entities to be prepared for the occurrence of exceptional situations. From 1962 the Civil Defense protects the nation against means of destruction of the enemy, cases of natural disasters or other types of catastrophes.


In general, hurricanes are 8 to 10 kilometers high and 100 to 500 kilometers wide. Another of the most devastating was the Ike, on September 2008. It provoked landslides of thousands of houses, overflowing rivers, great damage to crops and traveled almost the entire country along the south coast.


The certain thing is that before the hurricane season Cuba gets ready every year to face these atmospheric phenomena. Even tropical cyclones cause damage in the economic sphere of the country, Irma and Alberto will not let us lie, but safeguarding the life of the population is the main role of Civil Defense in each season.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero