The biggest of the trophies

Yusel "I study every day with my classmates and with my teacher Tania Domínguez, but I also study at home"

Journalist: The interest to study and the constancy to discover new horizons were crucial for Yusel Peña Rodríguez, pioneer of sixth grade of the Máximo Gorky primary school in the town of Loma de Travieso, to be the winner in the National Mathematics Contest.

Yusel: "I study all the subjects but the one I like the most is Mathematics because in it I count with the numbers, I enjoy the exercises and the use of the four calculation operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and I feel motivated for the fractions.

Every day when I get home from school I review the contents with my mom and I get ready to participate in all the knowledge contests and go well in the tests of the grade.

Yusel confesses that sometimes when he was studying he thought about winning the national contest of Mathematics of the sixth grade.

Yusel: "As my preparation is systematic I always thought about winning the National Mathematics Contest. When I took the test I was a little nervous but sure and in the end I achieved my goal¨.

Journalist: Before the question: What did you feel when you were named the winner? Yusel replied:
Yusel: "I felt a lot of joy because I set a goal that was quite difficult but what you set out to achieve. In school everyone congratulated me and it was an unforgettable day¨.

Despite his young age Yusel Peña Rodríguez, his future profession is well defined and for this he studies:
Yusel: "I like computing and I want to be cybernetic. Now I prepare in the classroom for the final tests to get it right ".
With the tranquility that characterizes him, Yusel wanted to send a message to his friends
Yusel: "I want my classmates to study like me so that in the future they can also win a national contest".

Yusel Peña Rodríguez, sixth grade pioneer of the Máximo Gorky School, brings to his trophy box the most valuable one for a child in primary school, to be the winner of a National Mathematics contest.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero