Opposite to the right, Latin American unity is imposed

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Published on Saturday, 21 July 2018 09:49
Written by By Anelis Díaz
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At a time when Latin America is facing a well-designed cultural and ideological war by Yankee imperialism throughout history, the twenty-fourth annual meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum concluded on July 17 in Havana with the participation of leaders, academics and left intellectuals in search of unity and integration, to safeguard the sovereignty of the people of the south of the Rio Grande.

The regional scenario can not be more unstable: in Brazil, the oligarchies orchestrate judicial and parliamentary coups; Venezuela faces an unprecedented economic war, led by the extreme right and supported by the media; Nicaragua, is experiencing a new type of attack that seeks to destabilize the nation, through media terrorism, under the pressure of an Organization of American States that is prostituted and subjected to the Empire ... Therefore, the force that the Right has today in Latin America and the Caribbean should not be underestimated supported from the scrambled and brutal North. Cuba was chosen not for pleasure for the meeting of the leftist movements; they need the experience of this town with more than sixty years of struggle against the powerful neighbor of the North.


The warning of the Uruguayan president José Mujica was very timely in the face of the dangerous concessions or alliances with the treacherous right and the internal conflicts between socialists, communists and progressive forces that are losing ground to the national oligarchies.

The Sao Paulo Forum had as premise that any ideologist is the own of the absolute truth; diversity and the right to self-determination can not divide us; it must be a reason for integration as defended by the historical leader of Our Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, since the celebration of the first Forum, in 1993.
If something should be recognized to the right is its creativity and reinvention in recent years: the multifaceted neoliberal counteroffensive, as defined by the executive secretary of the Forum, Monica Valente, destroys governments without firing a shot: alleged fights against terrorism and corruption justify coups and imperialist wars in the name of progress and world peace and the peoples believe they lie a thousand times repeated. Until one day
In the face of the media, judicial and military attacks of transnational capitalism and national oligarchies, it is necessary to assume creative, intelligent strategies of struggle, with respect for the right of peoples to self-determination.

Translated by Ada iris Guerrero