A Forum for Justice and Peace

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Published on Saturday, 21 July 2018 09:54
Written by By Yuniel Rodríguez yuniel@cmbt.icrt.cu
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This was undoubtedly a forum for justice and peace in the Latin American continent, and what better scenario than Cuba to carry the message of support to all our sister nations to the world.

I want to dwell on the final Declaration of the Twenty-Fourth Forum of Sao Paulo, which ended on Tuesday in Havana and in which many aspects that call for unity and brotherhood converge.

Here it became clear that our peoples must continue to build alliances to fight against the offensive of the regional right and the maneuvers and conjunctures that the left must build, above all, facing the media wars and the constant hegemonic campaigns of the United States.

Following closely every moment of the journalistic coverage of the national media and the foreigners accredited to the meeting, I completely coincided with a headline that announced the multinational Telesur, which affirmed: "Latin America and the Caribbean are still fighting", phrase in accordance with the final document read by the executive secretary of the 24th Forum of Sao Paulo, Mónica Valente, who also said: "We continue to fight against the effects of a reactionary, conservative and neoliberal restoration of the world elites" driven by the capitalism of the Government of the United States, its allies and the hegemonic classes. "

At another point in her speech Mónica Valente made it clear that: equally: "We condemn the unconventional war of the United States and its allies against the Bolivarian Revolution, which has become the immediate strategic objective to be defeated by the empire. , our greater objective of solidarity in these circumstances ". We will remain on alert against the intervention towards Venezuela. "

Those present at the Forum demanded for three days the immediate freedom of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the US blockade against Cuba, the social situation in Argentina of Macri, the independence of Puerto Rico, the advance of the right in nations such as Chile, Colombia or Paraguay, among other popular struggles.

The ideas are defined once again, now what corresponds to our progressive peoples is to put them into practice and continue to demand in other continents the truth of our region.

We have to raise our voices for Peace and Justice, for just causes, for relations between nations, for definitive freedom.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero