We need shadow

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Published on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 10:59
Written by By Yahilka Hérnandez Tilán
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Summer is one of the four seasons of the temperate zones, in specific, the warmest of them. Something that is not new for any of us who inhabit this Caribbean island where the heat says present in every season of the year.

In this stage, people take several measures to protect themselves from the sun: water to stay hydrated, caps, hats, shirts, umbrellas, sunscreen; but apparently nothing is enough to alleviate the heat that the Sun gives us.

It is in these moments when we ask, almost shouting, for a bit of shade to cover us effectively. Unfortunately our County City lacks trees that provide it. So, if we go through the town from one point to the other, we will find few places to shelter from the sun.

A few years ago, around two thousand and ten, the Community Services Company of our municipality took as an alternative to plant trees along the sidewalks of the avenues or streets more central, in order to offer shade in the near future. The idea was liked by many, except the discomfort for some or other plant that was planted in the middle of the sidewalk and prevented the comfortable passage of pedestrians.

Like all work that is done and is not given maintenance and care, those trees passed into the hands of the unconscious and lasted on 12th Street and Twenty-fifth Avenue just as long as a meringue ..., you already know the proverb.

Who did pay for the broken plates? All without exception: Communal Services for having used the time, the City because it returned to its old aesthetic and the town in general lost the opportunity to move under the shade, at least for a stretch of street.

In spite of the little care on the part of all, this jaruqueña pleads for a little shade. Listen, when the stretch to walk is long one feels melting under the sun.

If you are listening to me, you are a veteran in this town; you must remember that beautiful park of Capitán San Luis located right at the entrance. What happened to that leafy grove? A final pruning ended the shadow it provided. Today the site is something else; nothing to do with that place of rest for the walker and neighboring neighbors.

It is true that some pruning is necessary, for example in the hurricane season, if it obstructs the power line or because of this, any housing is in danger. I do not consider myself a specialist in Flora and Fauna, but I think that there is not always a reason to uproot.

If we return to what was and is no longer, we can refer to the Children's Park of our municipality. The last meteorological event, Irma, brought down the curtain of centenary trees of the place. It has ceased to be the ideal place for the games and entertainment of our infants, because the shadow does not welcome them.

An example of this was the children's activity held on the occasion of Children's Day last Sunday, July fifteen. There were all kinds of distraction to share with the little ones, but the long-awaited shade was missing.

The question is: should we make firewood from the fallen tree or plant others in its place? In all safety, I'm going for the second option. The pertinent institutions must take up the initiative of planting shade trees, perfect for rest and the change of image that Jaruco needs.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero