Bulwark of the Communist Youth

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Published on Monday, 13 August 2018 11:24
Written by By Yordan Díaz yordan@cmbt.icrt.cu
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To evoke his name is to delve into the history of Cuba. His integrity as a revolutionary is admired beyond the borders of the green alligator by those who follow his example and fight for a better world and a future of peace.

Fidel is Fidel. Today, Cuban youth continues its steady and safe passage, challenging seas and mountains with the objective of preserving the achievements of a just work "With everyone and for the good of all".

His stamp is on the students and young workers who remember the councils and are the architect of their thinking.

The ideas of the eternal Commander in Chief Fidel constitute bulwark for the communist youth. It is one that remembers him in each action and confronts the threats of those who try to destabilize a society in which the people are the main protagonist.

The youth, divine treasure, is the stage in which various transformations take place, hence the importance that Fidel attributed to him to give them tools and prominence so that the New Pines would grow beyond their time.

Even though the progressive and emancipatory ideas of the Indisputable Leader of the Cuban Revolution are no longer physically present among us, today more than ever they are the compass of youth. That is which will follow the path of freedom and henceforth preserve the legacy of the victorious Fidel.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero