Together to the classrooms

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Published on Saturday, 01 September 2018 12:32
Written by By Yordan Díaz
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A new month arrives in September, the month of teaching. Yes because with him the school year begins in all of Cuba occasion that children can discover new horizons from their teachers.

It is a stage in the calendar in which the faces of the students shine with their correct uniforms when arriving at the classrooms. And what to say of their relatives, tears of joy are released with joy to see the smallest of home to enter schools, schools that educate them and prepare them for life.

Every September, Cuban children arrive in the classrooms with no worries of working late into the night, of cleaning the windows of a car at a traffic light, of sustaining themselves in life or being robbed for exploitative purposes because the Cuban State guarantees the indispensable so that they study while watching zealously for their safety and well-being.

Childhood in Cuba is a privilege and each September shows signs of it as expressed by our José Martí "Violating the noble forces in the minds of children, strong children are not formed for the upheaval and greatness of the country."

Parents and teachers will make this school year a unique experience by guiding their children and students down the road of knowing that all of our children's education is our main task.

A new school year begins this September 3. Schools become the second home of all students who seek in each education the best tools to learn and satisfy all sources of knowledge.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero