To achieve a family full of love and happiness

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Published on Friday, 31 August 2018 12:36
Written by By Yainely Guerra
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Language is the main form of communication and also the first level where relationships between people are established. Addressing someone with contempt, bad language or aggressive language shows disrespect, but doing it to parents also implies breaking an adequate climate in good relationships.

On this subject I want to comment today because of it has importance and the rise that this evil acquires in today's society. I could say then that talking serves to establish contact, to give or receive information, express feelings, convey what we think and establish appropriate links.
The demonstration of respect when speaking contributes to lay the foundations of the relationship for those times when children and parents disagree that is why it is important that from a very young age children learn to communicate in an appropriate way.

Nowadays, when there is an alarming increase in the physical and psychological abuse of children by their parents, the lack of verbal consideration goes unnoticed, but it is equally important.

Today I believe that love towards parents should never be lost, much less that the communicative exchange between these important members of the family that love and affection have to profess so much is lacerating.

It is also important that parents treat children with respect and demand to be treated in the same way. Respect in the way of speaking does not have to create distance in the relationship, but on the contrary, a family that communicates well is much easier to keep communication channels open and thus the relationship between all its members will be closer.

Let's never forget that our parents need love, not a voice that mistreats them, only this way we will achieve a family full of love and happiness.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero