Call for a tenth ordinary session of the municipal assembly of popular power

Elizabeth Moya García, president of the Popular Power Assembly in Jaruco, called to the Tenth Ordinary Session of the current term of office of that government body, for next Saturday, February 9 at nine in the morning at the Municipal Museum.

The delegates will know about the fulfillment of the Plan of the Economy and the liquidation of the State Budget in the 2018 and the behavior of the services provided to the population by the Business Unit of the Base of Commerce and Gastronomy.

In the Tenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the People's Power in Jaruco, the Council of the Municipal Administration will give an account of its management, and will inform about the progress of the self-supply of agricultural products, the local production of construction materials and the fulfillment of the Plan of Integral Development of the municipality.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero