Radio Jaruco established training group The Golden Age.

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Published on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:49
Written by By Yuniel Rodríguez
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Jaruco, Mayabeque. On Monday afternoon, the training group, the Golden Age, was constituted in Radio Jaruco, with a total of 20 children between the ages of six and 12, from the primary schools Raúl Hernández and América Latina, from the main town.

After a casting of reading and acting, the new conductors of the children's spaces La Edad de Oro, and Planeta Azul, of this station, begin a new stage in the Voice of the County City where besides recreating stories with their voices, they will enrich their cultural universe with the content of the scripts that dramatize, said Anelis Díaz, director of those children's spaces.

She also told the director that the objective of the training group, The Golden Age, will not only mean that children arrive at the local station once a week to record the program, because theoretical meetings on interpretation and speech are also planned, and they will hold creative workshops to learn about the possible topics to be discussed in the spaces, based on their concerns, tastes and preferences.

This initiative once again strengthens the links between Radio Jaruco and institutions and organizations of the territory, such as the Municipal Departments of Education, Culture, Sport and the CITMA.

For more than four decades, the child and adolescent spaces of the local radio station have served as a school for many children who today work as audiovisual professionals, and others who over the years have become good men and women.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero