Relations Cuba - USA: be alert, to restore and to normalize are not synonymous

A few days ago was announced on July 20 the opening of embassies in the capitals of Cuba and the United States. It is the most concrete action materialized this year after the start of the dialogue between the two countries to normalize diplomatic relations suspended since 54 years ago.



The news provoked reflections as the Cuban professor and political analyst Esteban Morales, who called to follow closely in the process on the island, remember history and to evaluate the true meaning of normal relations between peoples.


Cuban journalist and expert on international politics, Reynaldo Taladrit said that there are still obstacles to be overcome to start writing a new and better chapter in the history of relations between Cuba and the United States.

After the exclusion of Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in May of this year, the opening of diplomatic embassies in Washington and Havana is the most important second step of the US administration to advance bilateral dialogues.


In Havana, the US Embassy filed in the same building is the Interests Section. Meanwhile, in the Interests Office of Cuba in the northern nation they breathe renewal air after the work undertaken in recent months before taking new diplomatic status as embassy on July 20. About the history of this building the journalist Cristina Escobar said.


In his speech last Tuesday at the White House President Barack Obama called the historic opening of diplomatic embassies in Cuba and the United States and called to the Congress to take steps to lift the embargo that prevents Americans to travel to Cuba.


It is true that incremental progress is evident and if doubts advances in restoring relations, but still far from normal. Remain to be resolved very thorny and sensitive topics to the Cuban people as blocking and the return of the Guantanamo Naval Base.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero