I after walking half of the year I looked at the progress made and haunt me joys, doubts, certainties, concerns and pains too. I think first in Jaruco, the place to which I owe as a journalist.

I make an evaluation of the past six months I go back to a period, perhaps of much effort, but little in the field of social development. The investment process is earthbound and delays in schedules and the non-implementation of the budget are repeated as last year.


Nor they come to realize initiatives for local development and the vision is obscured in those who must give the green light to ideas that could well boost the economy in this county.


On the other hand I am glad that basic health services continue satisfacing the needs of the population despite the obstacles that arise in the day to day care units of the municipality. For example, although the Consultation of Integral Attention to Diabetic Patient was not favored in step with the regular assistance of specialists from the national institutes of the country, the doctors Gisela Rubio and Miriam Brito, and other specialists of the municipality guaranteed a quality care to more than 700 thousand people suffering from diabetes in Jaruco.


I can tell that despite the efforts of health authorities, in the first half of the year were confirmed two patients with HIV AIDS in Jaruco, one is very young. And to balance that sentiment in early July I was proud the news that Cuba was declared as the first country in the world free of mother to child transmission of HIV / AIDS and congenital syphilis.


One of the good news this year was the completion in early April the first stage of the Manresa conducting an investment project that spanned more than a few hiccups but finally there are about six kilometers from the new network, which carries water to places that suffered drought for decades.


But in my opinion the most beautiful thing happened in the first six months of the year was the visit of Gerardo Hernandez and his wife Adriana to Jaruco, in the context of the 45th anniversary of this station. Their meeting with the children of the Committee Winds of Freedom, their love and gratitude for the love The Cuban Five received from this little piece of Cuba became the March 13, 2015 in a historic day for the County City.


I could list many other things, but just tell to finish that comforts me certain that the city will advance, in spite of everything, because there are very good professionals, excellent workers, peasants consecrated, dedicate families and young people as Altinay Martinez, Helen Perez and Jose Raul Sosa who represent the hope of a better future for Jaruco.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero