Save the Children First

An accident is always a sad fact, but if the victim is a minor, much more. Some people think that everything is written in some invisible and mysterious book, and what will happen is predestined anyway.

My purpose today is not only to express my disagreement with that theory, but substantiate that more than ninety percent of the cases the accidents can be avoided.


A few weeks ago there was regret in Mayabeque the death of a child who had less than two years of life from drowning while ingested food. It is not for me to reveal his identity, but say you that are not a story of roads; it came and brought such terrible pain that never heals.


The health authorities of the Mother and Child Program in Cuba made a warning to families on domestic accidents are the leading cause of death in children under five years of age. And it is not a problem exclusive health in Latin America, affecting the entire planet.


While the National Ministry of Public Health of Cuba guarantees vaccines, drugs, free hospital care, monitoring the mother and newborn and offers the quality of life of children vast human and material resources, statistics show children continuing dying from preventable accidents.


What is happening? Experts attribute the rise in the rate of accidents in the home involving children, the rapid development of science, technology and other areas of economic and social life. Also the increasingly frequent integration of women at work creates stress and reduces the time devoted to the care and upbringing of children.


I think the most important is to understand a child under five years unaware the danger, is not able to adequately measure distances, and their stature are less visible, for example on the road, where they are also victims of fatal collisions.


I'm not asking you to put paranoid and tie your child to the skirt. I call your attention only to take into account: the little children are curious and explore the world to discover textures, colors and flavors. They take objects in the mouth, which can cause choking or poisoning often, especially if it is a toxic substance or a drug.


In preschool they still have not consolidated the skills to run, climb and jump that can fall of a wall, a tree, house or furniture. You can be watching a soap opera on TV, or being overwhelmed by the work carried home after the working day and loses by the radar his little child sometimes for hours. It may be a young mom or dad and inexperienced and no scope to recognize on balconies, wall outlets, kitchen objects, or stove potential dangers for your child. The causes are endless.


But before concluding I want to insist on transit in these summer months when vehicular traffic and agglomeration at junctions of the roads and public places increases. The call to be vigilant is for the family and for drivers.


Children are a treasure and soul of a family. Anything can be for later, which can not be relegated to the background is the care and attention they deserve and need. The order in which you put the priorities is a key to life.


And to close I repeat the same phrase I left you when the small Isabela of five years dead because of a traffic accident exactly seven months ago: "The priest does not regret the pain, but prudence can help it."


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero