Argentina still belongs to Maradona

The seventeen Pan-American Sports Games Toronto 2015 began this Thursday, and is still too early to elaborate on the possibilities of Cuba in them because the medal still does not take off, though the second country, aim of our delegation is very difficult.


So today we will close the cycle of reviews about the America Cup of football that ended a week ago and is still much discussed in Jaruco and around the world, Argentina lost and Messi takes much of the blame.


To Messi’s fans support him to death and do not see the objective reality of the criticism of their star, but neither Messi is the head of all Argentine losses.


Now, to begin Lionel Andrés Messi is great, one of those footballer that comes once every thousand years, and he is Argentine left-footed and wonderful, able to haggle until his shadow, so maybe, just why in the land of tango compare him with Diego Armando Maradona, who is also left-footed, bright, brilliant and haggled until the referee, but accustomed the Argentines to results and left life with the selection.


This work is not for nothing for comparing Messi with Maradona, because I'm sure it would be unfair to the golden boy that dress as God returned the Malvinas to Argentina, first by hand and then with the best goal of all Time in Mexico beyond 1986 would be unfair I repeat, Messi will never be on a par of Maradona.


Nobody, absolutely nobody, can against reality, and that says that Messi has been in over a thousand minutes of decisive matches with Argentina, say stages, knockout, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals without scoring a goal with the albiceleste, and without attending and almost appear, and anyone explain that.
And I think what do not forgive in Argentina is being deleted from the major parties, they will require him, for what he is, the best footballer in the world and the leader who has the obligation to be for everything he is also and to bring the 10 of Maradona.


More than a title to the atomic flea is asked him to appear in the big games because we all understand that it is a collective sport of eleven against eleven and final stages reach the best, to understand me better, when Diego Maradona took the second place in the World of Italy 90, and played all matches infiltrated in his knees and the final, along with a bandage on his back for spinal problems no one claim anything because he left the soul in pursuit of victory, did anyone dare to claim something to Javier Mascherano?


Messi is spectacular, but with the albiceleste he becomes a good player and nothing else, three Copa America and three worldwide events there are to prove it, his 47 goals with the national team only three were in the Copa America and five in three worldwide, are eight, considering the 2011 Copa America and the 2010 World Cup he went scoreless.


The great athletes of history are to shine when they will be needed more and above the rest without justification if not they there are what they say they are, for example, if the Chicago Bulls who was not Michael Jordan had to dunk when it was time Zero, No, it was his turn to be simply the best in the world, just as it is Messi, but in Argentina is not.


Leo is extraordinary and Argentina needs him, and he needs to Argentina, also he is not solely responsible in this time over a decision by the Tata Martino in Chile it cost a lot to the team. And no one can doubt the commitment of Messi.


But my friends the truth is Lionel Messi owes his national team a great match those decisive when is the title at stake, but life is not over and the reign of Messi in football either, the 2016 will bring Copa America Centennial and another great opportunity to win something with the albiceleste besides Russia 2018 World Cup, and that might be his last chance to succeed in the Copa America in 2019, that is he has three bullets in the chamber, maybe it will be one of those white and everyone will forget the criticism, we will see when the time runs out on the court where Lionel is in the history of Argentina that today remains of Maradona.