To do in time what needs

The President of the United States Barack Obama set a tone in the history of the White House to become the first American presidents of the last fifty years to acknowledge that the hostile policy and the blockade against Cuba have been simply useless.


He has also put the cards on the table and asked the Congress to annul the set of laws and measures that support the economic and financial attack to the island; meanwhile, he gave the green light to materialize facts that point to the gradual normalization of relations between the two countries.


The solving of Cuba from the list of states sponsoring of terrorism and the opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington, are responses that are consistent with its statement on December 17, to initiate a process to restore diplomatic relations and make peace with the island, a neighbor proud to uphold nevertheless a social project based on the principles of social equality, solidarity and peace.


While the US administration set the following steps to remove the obstacles that still divide the two nations, President Obama resumed headlines with his statements of this Monday.


This time Obama spoke forcefully in favor of the environment. He literally said "There is not a challenge that poses a greater threat to our future and the future generations that climate change".


And it appears that is not mere rhetoric, because the president also announced a new clean energy plan aims to reduce by 32 percent the carbon emissions from power plants by 2030 from the efficient use of renewable energy.


The ecology organization Greenpeace in the United States assessed as positive the statement but also urged the US president to go further, "If the Obama administration really wants to leave a positive climate legacy and a habitable planet for our children, should leave prospecting and mining of fossil fuels on public lands and hazardous refuse Shell plans to drill the Arctic.


That way sees Obama that remain to overcome many obstacles to bring roads made such noble initiatives like this to contribute to a healthier planet or build a bridge of friendship between Cuba and United States.


Most powerful forces oppose these purposes and will have to muster the strength, ingenuity, talent, and above all its prerogatives as President to do in time what needs.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero