Works of repair advancein doctor offices

Jaruco , Mayabeque . In Jaruco conclude this year maintenance and repair works in three doctor offices physicians located in the communities of Tumba Cuatro, Guaicanamar and Caraballo.

Carlos Manuel Bello Romero , General Deputy of public health in the territory, said builders replaced more than 70 percent of the woodwork with aluminum and glass, reset plumbing and electrical nets and paint properties.

The repair of three officies in Jaruco began in the first half of the year with the total refurbishment of office number 10, in San Antonio de Rio Blanco, and the purpose of health authorities in the municipality is improving living and working conditions of Latin American doctors who offer their services in remote areas of the village head.

The information accurate , that next year the Public Health Directorate is planning to implement other constructive actions in the Comprehensive Educational Polyclinic Noelio Capote of Jaruco, homes and Municipal Unit of Hygiene and Epidemiology.


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