Workers of the International Telecommunication Center Jaruco celebrate four decades of existence

Jaruco, Mayabeque. Workers of the International Telecommunications Center Jaruco known as Estación Terrena Caribe, received a letter of congratulations by the fourth decade of existence, signed by the Director of the station Intersputnik, Badin Vélov, and read by the Deputy Minister of Communications in Cuba, Jorge Luis Perdomo, in ceremony held on the morning of Thursday.

Emotional moment of the celebration of 40 years of the International Telecommunications Center Jaruco, was the recognition of founders, former directors of the entity and retirees, as well as the delivery of certificates to outstanding workers and uninterrupted work for 35, 20 and 10 years .

He also reached the special treat for its dual condition to the founders and active workers of Terrena Caribe to Antonio Medina Hernández and Artemio Rodriguez, the last director of the entity for 14 years.

In response to the responsible mission that carries out the collective and its geographical location in the orographic group Escaleras de Jaruco, the Government and the Party of Mayabeque handed to the International Telecommunications Center Jaruco, a picture that recreates the image of Rio Mayebeque.

Artemio Medina Rodriguez, director of the facility, said to count with 37 engineers highly skilled in the management of advanced technologies, has helped keep the condition of National Vanguard from the year 2003 and creditor of the flag 70 Anniversary of the Cuban Workers Federation.

In celebration of 40 years of the International Telecommunications Center Jaruco also attended engineers Mayra Erevích Marin, President of ETECSA, and Vivian Iglesias Barroso, Central Director of the Division of International Services, and Merlin Elias Barrientos, first secretary of the Party in the Jaruco.

The International Telecommunication Center Jaruco ensures continuously since November 7, 1973 links with satellite telecommunication between Cuba and the rest of the world, with maximum availability and quality.


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