Self-esteem against breast cancer

In the last two years in Jaruco remains at zero deaths from breast cancer, which is why this does not constitute a health problem in the municipality. However in the territory more than fifty women live with the condition, and do so with quality, mostly.


When the breast cancer is mentioned insist in the ways to diagnose and prevent and the way to cope with the disease from the psychological point of view is being left in the background.


Taking into account the implications of the disease for women from the role they play in the family and society, the matter requires further analysis. In that rope are specialists from Jaruco recognized by the active investigations in the last decade developed to detect and treat in a timely manner five types of malignant tumors, including breast.


I probing specialized publications on the subject, I found a recent survey, in 2014, that focuses disease from psychology, authored by Dr. Ovidio Martínez Brito, Degree in Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology and Assistant Professor.


According to Dr. Martinez, "many women with the diagnosis of breast cancer do not accept the disease, show dissatisfaction, rejection, anger, fear or despair. To this concern is added the inheritance to the children, the fear of death, the dilemmas related work, changes in social interaction, spiritual welfare threats, loss of hope, and uncertainty about the future. "


For research was selected a sample of 30 women over sixty years of age and after the application of various instruments concluded that more than sixty percent of the surveyed females have very low self esteem.


The study points, "Most of the women studied have a way of coping with emotional stress trend, creating the appearance of negative emotional states and it is not a condition for constructive confrontation with the disease."


Dr. Ovidio Martinez concluded in his investigation that "Self-esteem in women with breast cancer People's Council Jaruco, is affected and coping style is the predominant emotion-focused".

Given this result the Mental Health Clinic in municipality works towards raising the self-esteem of the patients, key to more effective treatment and rehabilitation.


I know a woman in her forties of Jaruco living with breast cancer and a radical made more than six years ago. She works in agriculture, animal husbandry and does the housework and help with with the grandchildren. The medicine that cured her was the joy, hope and above all knows she's alive.


Undoubtedly, as suggested by Dr. Ovidio a good psychological therapy helps as much or more than drugs, surgery or chemotherapy in the successful development of breast cancer, a disease that can be inherited, but in many cases can be prevented by eliminating alcohol, cigar and other inappropriate lifestyles.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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