The burning of Jaruco, another great feat of Bronze Titan

Mention the date of February 18 in Jaruco, it is to go back more than a century ago and contact the living history of the County City.


This year marks the 120th anniversary of the assault and burning of Jaruco, by Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo and his rebel troops. The fact, as a fervent lover of the history of Cuba and the local, took me to visit once again, the Historical Museum of the city, despite being closed, getting there is synonymous with being well taken care of. Not I, but everyone who approaches for information.


There I spoke with Aleida Hernandez Rodriguez, director of the institution, and diary and pen in hand, I took note of what the specialist told me.


During the interview I knew that there are many speculations and rumors about the Assault and burning to Jaruco by Antonio Maceo, from the moment when the official press and the literature of the colonizers gives it a cartoonist tone, the feat accomplished by the troops of Bronze Titan, supported by the General José María Aguirre, precisely in the region of Havana defended by Spanish and with accessible communication channels so that the enemy could not get reinforcements from Jaruco.


According to research on the historical fact of February 18, 1898 in the Historical Museum of Jaruco, unfounded legend that Maceo burned the County City was not because anyone wanted to join him, but because the independence leader accepted a blow to the metropolis.


However it was known what happened that night, thanks to the information of the Mambi reporter José Miró Arguenter, participant of battle, who said: "On the day of 18 we left the Ingenio Santa Amalia, at daybreak and through quickly and continuously we stand up at dusk, within gunshot the Jaruco city.


In anticipation of the square that could be handy highlighted by the railroad different sections of cavalry to far distance and after checking on the ground that the various reports had reported connoisseurs, the attack on the village was ordered. "


As many know, says the director of the Museum of Jaruco, Aleida Hernandez Rodriguez, the assault was led by the General Antonio Maceo, sending the square two sections of infantry, who entered without difficulty into the suburbs and assailant opened fire from defenders, about nine in the evening.


The two companies of attack, resulting uproar reached the town square and a clean shot took over the prison and released all prisoners. Municipal guards and some firefighters surrendered.


Downloads then took more vividly, because ready against the defenders of the city and especially two companies of regular troops who stay in it were proposed dislodge the insurgents from the positions they occupied and from which responded to the fire of the Spaniards. Mambises burned in homes abandoned by its people and ransacked the business establishments.


The shooting continued until dawn when General Antonio Maceo, gave the order to depart. The booty was not uncommon after occupying 86 rifles and about 5,000 capsules. In addition three dead and 11 wounded were removed.


Excited to see the eyes of Aleida Hernandez, director of the Museum with a special glow says haltingly: "Today many people think that perhaps was not the best decision of the Bronze Titan to assault and burn this city, because much bibliographic and documentary material was left in ashes, but we can live proud that this piece of land of Cuba, felt for a few hours the pure love of independence of the country. That is our great pride. "


Thanks Aleida to maintain Bronze Titan feat alive. Jaruco also lived his little piece of war forever and contributed to the history of the country.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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