Press’ men in the days of Bay of Pigs

By this time many Cubans who remember those days of April 1961 with pain when they lost to family and friends after the mercenary attack at Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), sponsored by the U.S. government.



Many innocent people were killed in the terrorist actions of the enemy. But thanks to patriotism and fortitude of the people of Cuba, in just 72 hours, imperialism was defeated for the first time in Latin American.


Today there are already 55 Aprils of that epic, episode which is remembered as Victory Day, time to honor the heroes and martyrs protagonists of this feat.


Militants, workers, students, Rebel Army combatants, all Cubans show bravery and courage, but so did journalists and communicators, these professionals of worlds which minute to minute reported to Cuba and the world what happened there.


Over 30 correspondents were standing fight using as only battle weapon the word, the pen and paper.

Rafael Diaz Delgado, Manuel Andrés Mazorra, Luis Baez, Jose Gonzalez Rivas and Jesus Orta Ruiz (Indio Naborí) are just some of these brave men who made up the battalion 120 comprised for agricultural and industrial workers, peasants, intellectuals, artists of radio and television.


Today some are no longer with us, but the absent and present fought in Giron for a just cause and their efforts are multiplied in more doctors, teachers, athletes, artists ...


Anecdotes as hard as the death of women and children were present, but also the memory of that victory which the sense of duty, courage and patriotism of the young announcers and all the people multiplied in fighting of April on 17, 18 and 19 becomes a reference for our media from a press see, revolutionary and excellence.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero


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