Joy with smoke

The 53rd National Baseball closed its doors with the tenth crown to Pinar del Rio as a province and the ninth to the particular account of Alfonso Urquiola, he had six as a player with Vegueros and three at the head of Pinar, and now stars a stage of yearning among the many fans that still preserves our national sport on the Island.

Pinar won the championship because it simply was better and that pressure aside, knew grown at zero hour, come down and absolutely never, lose faith in itself, and if you can ask the Industriales team that began celebrating before time.


Pinar ate the lion and crocodile or what is the same Urquiola far exceeded address of Lázaro Vargas and Victor Mesa.


For many there is now joy, because did not want to see the manager of Matanzas lift the crown of Cuban baseball , and Victor or VM32 as he is also known, is currently one of the characters of Cuban life who else speech, and in all directions. The controversial manager filed a personal record of 3 wins and 16 losses in great finals of the Cuban baseball having to settle with four second places.


Matanzas and Pinar played a hard-fought end but left see many technical -tactical gaps have our baseball players and in whom should have to keep working. Worth noting the behavior of the two parts of fans and the work of the impartial that was generally more positive than negative.


Now Pinar del Río could represent us in the upcoming Caribbean Series and try to clean the poor image left Villa Clara in Cuba’s return to these events.

In all provinces of the country are playing the provincial series ahead of the 54 Cuban baseball series that will have as main new innovation for each individual player, manager, an technical of contract of employment that gives specific rights and duties to each involved with baseball and governing to special forms of differentiated payments.


There are many ways to improve and change our baseball especially how to direct it, but that is a subject of another comment, today Cuba is dressed in green as the cahamarreta of Pinar del Rio and in the air feels an exquisite smell of the better tobacco of the world.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero