Josefa gives birth to the earth, Marlie directs a cloister of university professors where you breathe. History, Olguita channels veins to patients, Encarnación for its part, writes, Selene battles with letters and Ivis with statistics, Lupe teaches art in a primary school and Eylin is about to finish high school.


They are women, Cuban. They are among those who shook Silvio Rodriguez and history scored as laurels. They have different ages and occupations, but share a common characteristic; Live and build a social process that has grown at the same time that they change their lives roundly, because they are women of the Revolution.


When a cultured and virtuous woman anoints the work with honey of her affection, the work is invincible, Jose Martí said, and thus made them victorious protagonists of a Revolution within another Revolution, as it was described by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, who always fought to unite them for the homeland, truth and justice.


On March 8, 1910 was instituted as International Women's Day, a proposal of the German communist Clara Zetkin, who stood out for being a tireless fighter for the rights in favor of equality, justice and peace for the world and in special for the rights of women.


Today the Cuban woman has undoubtedly given countless examples of courage, such as Celia, Haydeé, Vilma, Melba, and are just a few examples of a long list of women who have proven to be so brave and determined like many men who gave their life for this earth.


Therefore, today there are reasons to celebrate such a significant date and we are sure that in each call of these times that arises with the purpose of strengthening the country in any sense, new and old victories can always be written by name, WOMAN.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero