Jaruco’s teachers present in provincial event

Jaruco, Mayabeque. Teachers Altinay Rodríguez and Yuneisi Hernández from the elementary school Blas Roca Calderío in the community of Mendoza represented Jaruco in the provincial event of rural schools, which sat on Tuesday at the teaching center Pedro Soto in the town of Nazareno in San José de las Lajas

The teachers defended the paper "Prevention; Guideline of educational work ", a proposal to strengthen the preventive work outside and within the school.


The Rural Schools event in Mayabeque resulted from the creation of those who care about preventing and alerting students to exceptional situations in order to maintain a correct attitude towards life and in the community.


Teachers Altinay and Yuneisi, from the elementary school Blas Roca stand out for their socializing and preventive work in school and involve the family in their activities.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero