Agriculture in Jaruco promotes the planting of fruit trees

Jaruco, Mayabeque. A guiding program aimed at encouraging the planting of fruit trees and giving continuity to the cultivation of vegetables, promotes the Municipal Director of Agriculture in Jaruco, in line with the requirements of projects that until the year 2020 have been proposed in the territory in order to contribute to the food of the people.


In the productive units, which include cooperatives, these actions are complemented by agricultural diversification and optimum utilization of each hectare of land.


The Directorate of Agriculture in the territory, explains that it is essential to integrate and harmonize the variables, soil, climate, water, crop, technology, seeds and their link with science, with an emphasis on alternatives to drought affecting territory.


The project of development of fruits and vegetables, constitute in Jaruco activities of vital importance with the goal of satisfying to the maximum the demands of the prioritized programs of the Revolution.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero


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