Our National Sport

On August 5, only 13 days are left, the 57th National Baseball Series will begin, with the Granma - Villa Clara duel, and the payrolls of the 16 teams that will intervene in it will be announced.



With Mayabeque and Industriales, the last two teams to do so, of our Hurricanes, tell them that they will have a difficult time to improve their performance of the previous year (11 V - 33 D), since now they suffered the absence of two important men, Luis Manuel Castro, who left the team Cuba during the tour of the Can-Am League, and Jorge Luis Barcelán, who returned from the hand of Victor Mesa to the Industriales.


Mayabeque team lost his best pitcher and his third starting base, so the team of Vannoy Arado will have a difficult challenge ahead, I think that overcoming the previous campaign will be for them the challenge; being realistic I do not think the team is for much more.


Moreover, many debates have taken place between the fans and other issues that as always call into question the good work of the National Commission, ranging from the schedules of the parties, proposal approved 4 pm if the energy plan of the Province allows, even incredible things like the stadium of Cienfuegos.


On September 5, according to information from the provincial newspaper and statements by the director of the installation, he lent his luminaries to the Victoria de Giron of Matanzas in the past play off, these bulbs have not yet been returned, an outrage, but if they were insufficient, are missing others, and for its part the stadium matancero would be in the same situation would play at night without the necessary lighting.


The schedule is attentive to public attendance, just as it would have been at two o'clock in the afternoon because the working people have a lot of difficulty during weekdays to attend the stadium, and that sums up the general quality of the event, which is not a show, and there will be like the year before almost empty stages in many stadiums.


The most striking in the popular debate of the 57th National Series are still the directors, as the debut of Pedro Luis Lazo with pine grouse holds many expectations and see how the Latin American will receive Víctor Mesa at the behest of the Industrialists takes the fat prize, same is spoken of Orestes Kindelán in Santiago although with the team that has I do not think that has many possibilities.


That is to say when the greatest expectations of a tournament are generated by the directors and not the athletes, something happens, Zidane Guardiola or Mouriño will never be above the war Messi-Cristiano or Madrid-Barcelona.


Just wait and see how it develops the contest that will be like the previous campaign, with the first four teams classified to the second round directly and a play off of three to win two between places from 5 to 8, to finally be six teams to discuss the title.

A priori Granma, current champion, Ciego de Avila, Villa Clara, Matanzas, Industriales and Pinar del Rio all have the ballots to be the final six, but Holguin or the Tunas could fight hard, the rest would be a pleasant surprise that they achieved at least be in the play off for the second round.


The heat 57 is already here, in two weeks they return the balls and the strikes, and hopefully many attend the stadium although in the absence of their team's football j T-shirt, or Major League teams, the most important is follow the one that is still by tradition, history and legend alive, do not forget nobody, our National Sport.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero