Football yes, indiscipline and vulgarity no

After three years of trying it and celebrating tournaments for their own efforts, football in Jaruco managed to get to play a night tournament as was the dream of many in this city. It is played in the Sports Complex number one after eight.


However the dream could become a nightmare if it is not already, nightmare because in the place of strengthen some organizational aspects; there are indiscipline in many players who are not aware of the seriousness of the matter.


This football tournament 4 of the summer in Jaruco, is not one more, is one that we pretend to have arrived to stay, and to stay there we have to finish it well. From the point of view of public assistance, including women and children, is already being successful as the number increases with each day, but going to see indiscipline and antics, does not like anyone.


I started by arbitration, by Darien Echenique, better known in Jaruco by the nickname "Vargas". Darien is one of the dreamers, whose efforts are unknown to many who even play the tournament, who with great desire has been present with this journalist, Antonio and the teacher Julito, who was not summoned incredibly to be supporting this event, in others tournaments.


Well about Vargas, it is the ungrateful task of arbitrating the games, he with great desire and full knowledge of the regulation gives himself to his difficult work with the greatest desire to do well, which is sometimes wrong, it is true, it is done by the referees of the world in world championships, leagues or Champions League, but to judge or criticize is easy, to sacrifice and to dare is the difficult thing.


Of course, whether or not to agree with a decision, does not entitle anyone to insult, disrespect or incite verbal or physical violence, or to make eccentricities, real antics that are not well received by anyone. The tournament has a regulation and must be met or departed.


No one can be above the law in sport or life, and in this city devoid of healthy and recreational activities for almost the whole year, to make such an event, takes from the involvement of all, the awareness of all, and think that what is played is our league, and has as much importance and seriousness as the Spanish or the English. It is our unique opportunity to match our people with those stars that we admire every weekend on television.


Those teams of San Antonio that come at night and leave very late and without transport, it is an effort to be recognized, they and those of Jaruco the same, then how it is possible that the players themselves slice something like that, something so beautiful as the sport that we all love, and that has been achieved at last with much sacrifice and effort.


Without discipline few things can be achieved in this life, and without it there is no possible event or future, from here and as a team manager that I am, I call to all players and the general public to respect for being respect and either by Darien and his measures of suspension with the undisciplined, or they abide by it or that they leave and do not return.


There are many aspects to improve, such as having a second referee, the right staff at the scorecard, trying to keep the public away from the field, but the main thing is to play, have the tournament and we already have it, there are now that to maintain it and for that it is necessary to unite and to remove all the indiscipline. That these events are repeated is the main objective, that is to say that football arrives to stay as it has done the Volleyball.


In Jaruco eight teams compete for being the king of the most universal in the city, for the moment the fight is well fought, you are invited to go through the sports complex number one on Mondays and Wednesdays at eight at night. Sport is life, health and well-being, and there is not place and will never be place for the undisciplined, disrespectful and eccentric, that is clear.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero