Los Capote Figueroa, a family with lineage

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Published on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 08:59
Written by Written by Yarisleidy Cabrera Valle
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Talking about the founding of the 26th of July Movement (M-26-7) in Jaruco, and not mentioning the Capote Figueroa family, is like not making history. René Miguel, Clara Elena, Noelio, Isabel, Juan Manuel and Rubén, are members of that lineage jaruqueño that distinguishes by its revolutionary tradition.


Four of them are no longer among us, the first to leave was Noelio Capote, then Juan Manuel, then Ruben and only two months ago Clara Elena.


Having written important pages in the history of this city and Cuba, are sufficient reasons for the Capote Figueroa family to be proud and look over the shoulder to those who remained in the rear. But it is not so, the modesty of the family is corroborated in the smallest of that caste, René Miguel Capote, or Nenito, as affectionately called family and friends.


"We were fortunate that the event took place in the house where all the brothers Capote Figueroa were born. We have always felt satisfaction for that. The family never let me out of any action. I helped raise funds for Noelio's trip to Mexico, distributed leaflets, and delivered messages to the M-26-7's National Direction link in Havana.

A personal anecdote, before the departure of Noelio, I had everything planned to get married. So much so that I had some savings for the engagement rings and the party, and I did not hesitate to hand it over to my brother for the cause. "


Nenito affirms that the family Capote Figueroa gave body and soul to the 26th of July Movement in Jaruco.

"My sister Elena, for example, succeeded in including many women in the activities, especially those working in the textile industry. More than a dozen seamstresses made the bracelets of the M-26-7.
And today one of the greatest satisfactions I have is to have contributed my bit to the cause, and that my children and nephews are followers of the legacy of Capote Figueroa. "


There are men who make history with rifles in hand, or with paper and pencil write the strategic steps that can lead to victory. So are the Capotes Figueroa, a family that with a gun in hand made the history of the July 26th Movement in Jaruco, and with paper and pencil today they write the events of those days so that the new generations of this land always remember the brothers Clara Elena, Noelio, Isabel, Juan Manuel, Ruben and René Miguel.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero