While the whole world is still trying to reach you

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Published on Monday, 07 August 2017 09:01
Written by Written by Angel Riverón riveron@cmbt.icrt.cu
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"Make an exception, give it back the usual strength, final 100 meters final were the requests ... but God said, "it is not that I do not want to be that it should not be attacked against what is written" or so it was as someone told me. And it seems true that only God could beat Bolt by sending his most lethal weapon of destruction, time, so Usaín Bolt, fell in his final 100 meters final, and the world cried when the Lightning lost.

There was a general omen, as Bolt had said when he won in Rio de Janeiro, "my legs weighed" this time was not so safe, an irregular season with very few races, and discrete times presaged a sad end.


On the other hand the North American Chris Coleman and the Canadian Adre de Grasse had superior and more stable registries. De Grasse was injured and many were cheered by Bolt, he was one less.


But he could not and the start, his weakness in all his years of competition, took its toll, and this time he could not recover what was lost, Usaín Bolt was third. Incredible but true, a bronze that reminded the world that "Ray" Bolt is just a human being.


Something must be recognized for Bolt, his courage, his dignity and his greatness, because nobody like him knew his physical form and gave a fight, he was not undaunted and ended up as what he is, a great among the great, and now all just us remains to be Jamaica in the reliefs.


Usaín Bolt, is one of the greatest athletes of all time and any sport, a genius who did the 100 meters in 9 seconds and 58 hundredths and 200 in 19 seconds and 19 hundredths, and I want to see someone without doping get close to that outrage that Bolt leaves us as part of his legacy.


Not to see Usaín Bolt on the tracks will be painful, his charisma, his smile, that Caribbean character, dancers and fun, will be missed for life, and every time the starting gun kicks in a speed race win whoever wins, Millions will say: to Bolt would not have won.


He will leave definitively when he completes the relay with Jamaica a man who has had a brilliant career without the shadow of doping, scourge of these times, a man who has performed more than 200 tests and has never given or by suspicion positive. The Champion of all, the world championship (11 gold), and Olympic (8 gold), one of the most beloved and followed sportsmen of history leaves us.

After his final 100 meters, another great sportsman, veteran and another legend left him a heartfelt words of farewell, with which I close this sad journalistic work that I never wanted to do, I mean Gianluigi Bufon, the mythical goalkeeper of Juventus Turin, told him this: "Every story has its end.


When the principle is extraordinary, the end must be one for the memory. The fastest man of all time, the Ray of Athletics retires.
It is inevitable and still amazing how has been his entire career. But in life you never really stop running. You do it on a different track. So keep running "Ray" Bolt while the whole world still tries to reach you.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero