Is the Super Cup of Spain, Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Sunday will be a special day for the sport, international in London the world athletics is finished, however the looks of many will be in another place of Europe, just in Spain, there in the County City of Barcelona will take place another sporting event that can leave many without seeing the last hours of the London meeting.


Which? Is the Super Cup of Spain, why? Well, face Real Madrid and Barcelona, and before the Classic there is no sporting event that can compete, audiences, just to give an example, the friendly between the two in Miami on July 29 reached more than 220 million of people.


History among them
And now it will be serious, it will be for the Super Cup of Spain, a tournament that was created in 1982 and has faced Real Madrid and Barcelona on six occasions, where has been demonstrated that phrase that is taking shape in the world of football, "Madrid do not play the finals, they win" because the Merengues of six have won five times to Barcelona, four of them in a row.


Barcelona accumulate 12 titles in these events and Real Madrid 9, reason why the two greats of Spain dominate also in this scene, nevertheless we remember that Real Madrid and Barcelona faced six times, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997 , 2011 and 2013 and among them have scored 41 goals, of which 24 go to the score of the targets and 17 to the azulgrana, highlighting the two thrashed 4-1 that Madrid gave to Barcelona in 1990 and 1997.

In these duels have sparked sparks like any classic that is respected, and among the events that are most remembered are a hard stomp that Barcelona's Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov gave to the impartial in 1990 and that cost him six months of sanction, and in that same game the goal that the Madridista Santi Aragón scored to Zubizarreta from 42 meters and 72 kilometers per hour.

Also among the most remembered is the double of Raúl González at the Bernabeu to kill Barcelona in 1997, and the famous finger in the eye in 2011 that the then technical of Madrid José Mouriño, put in the eye that was technician culé Tito Vilanova, already deceased.


How does each one arrive?

Barcelona will debut its new coach, Ernesto Valverde in the first official competition of the season, and still without recovering from the low of Neymar and the end of the trident culé called MSN.

With additions to close and in a tense situation in the dispatch this Barcelona is still a team of the best in the world, they maintain the base of his team and I think Valverde will use the same system, that is to say the 4-3-3, with Messi -Suárez and Delofeu for the position occupied by Neymar Junior.

In the middle must be Rakitic, Busquet and will miss to see if he plays or Andres Iniesta that is annoying, instead they could enter Sergi Roberto, André Gomez or Arda Turán, although these last two do not seem to be much to the liking of the new coach, The defense will be for the duo Pique-Untiti, and on the sides seem fixed Jordi Alba and Aleix Vidal, unless they opt to try with the new signing Nelson Semedo, in the arc Ter Sieguen, I do not think I Ciliseen plays , Not in a real classic.

To Barza was better in the preseason than Madrid, won all their encounters including the friendly against the whites in Miami by 3-2, however one thing is with guitar and another with violin, and that is why the Catalans want to take advantage of the factor Field to try to leave with advantage to the Bernabeu a stadium where they have achieved good results lately.

A demanding test of truth, the first for the Barca in the season, and against Madrid, we will see how they carry Messi and company, that if without Neymar, Lionel will have to take out once more the best of himself, something that my way to see is an extra motivating factor very dangerous for Madrid.


Real Madrid
A preseason marked by a pyrrhic victory before the combined MLS stars, for penalties and three defeats was what left in its balance the Madrid in its passage by the United States.

With the press over and many doubts in the solidity of his game faced Manchester United in the European Super Cup and defeated it by 2-1, dominating in all facets of the encounter, showing that when one title is treated Madrid is another thing.


The main doubts in the performance of the team arrive in the lead, Benzema and Garet Bale, remain below the expected and no goal, and will face the important missing of Luka Modric, and see what decision Zinedine Zidane takes the lead starts Cristiano Ronaldo, crazy to play but without the necessary shooting, or opts to open with the same eleven as before United and give Luka's place to another Croatian very good to act as Mateo Kovacic.


Perhaps, and faithful to its rotations, the French places Theo Hernandez instead of Marcelo and the goal to Kilo Casilla, we have to wait.


The initial formation should be 4-3-3 but with Isco in the attack next to Benzema and Bale, with Kovacic, Cross, and Casimiro, ahead of Ramos, Varane, Carvajal and Marcelo or Theo.


Between Real Madrid and Barcelona there are no favorites, the Classic does not understand that, beyond the broad history of both clubs you have to focus on the current moment.

The game against Manchester United left good sensations in Madrid, beyond the title, by the game of the team, which now comes more tucked and better to the competition.


That yes, it will have to improve much its efficiency before the goal, and the Barza will play open knowing that the central axis of the Madrid in defense is not thin yet.


Is it the favorite? The two and none, among them it does not matter to arrive good or bad, it is a game that changes everything, that makes forget everything and where each disputed ball acquires a different meaning, Real Madrid and Barcelona will always have in the sights reserved prognosis that the press of either city tries to become strong or victim depending on the turn.


The Classic does not leave anyone indifferent, either by history or rivalry revived to the maximum in recent years by the two universal colossi that are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, by the way, since both share the League have been given two editions of the Super Cup and the thing is to a victory by side.


The table is served friends, Sunday there is classic and against that can not even two world championships together, the crash Camp Nou Sunday will be at four in the afternoon time of Cuba and the return of the Bernabeu Wednesday at five in our country.


To you the best, in this train crash no one remains impassive and always takes sides on either side.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spain look for super champion, but best of all will undoubtedly enjoy the Classic, that special event that gives us an indescribable feeling. That day all those who love football feel different, nervous as if they themselves depended the final result, some have their cabals and others pray to the saints who still do not know, because when Real Madrid plays against Barcelona, The world is immersed in the sport, the rest does not seem to matter, and that gift we all thank you for a little more than an hour and a half, we all move away from many of the evils that surround us. To the Merengues and the Culés, luck, and as well says the sports saying, that the best wins.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero