The challenges that Irma left us

This Sunday, September 10, the intense hurricane Irma, which hit the entire northern coast of the country, moved away from Cuban territory. It left in its passage by the Greater Antilles a great loss of material, from the collapses of schools, hotels, homes, labor centers, innumerable crops devastated to the irreparable loss of human life, in my opinion, the most painful of the ravages of that storm.



And on this last matter I want to reflect on the opinion of some settlers and listeners, with whom I fully agree: Those regrettable episodes were only due to the negligence, indiscipline, irresponsibility and lack of common sense of the victims.


Since the Civil Defense issued the tropical cyclone warning and decreed information, alert and alarm phases in each territory, the most vulnerable population was called to protect themselves in safe places, to accept the evacuation in the premises destined for those ends, not to cross rivers flooded areas not prone to floods or near buildings in possible landslides, among other measures decreed by that body.


But, unfortunately, we Cubans witnessed the violation of these and other measures aimed solely at preserving human life.


For example, Cuban television broadcast a collage of sequences showing a woman with a small girl in her arms walking under heavy rain in an area of the fully flooded capital of Vedado, other scenes showed some Habaneros measuring the speed of the watching, taking snapshots of the busy sidewalk or others who did not want to leave their homes to preserve material resources.


Yes, it is true that Hurricane Irma, that terrible storm with the name of a woman, devastated the fruit of our effort of years, overturned the plantations of our food, seriously affected the economy, but that capricious weather event did not have the privilege of take with it the will of the Cuban people, which has allowed it to rise again and again from similar contexts. Now, in the recuperative stage and with the aim of avoiding similar situations, it is up to us all to contribute and collaborate in the restoration of our community, to incorporate ourselves into educational and labor activities, with order and discipline to comply with the guidelines of the Civil Defense, Government and the Party.


And that was the challenge that Irma left us, to embark on a path of production, development and innovation accompanied always with will and hope, a difficult but not impossible task that will always be accompanied by our Socialist State and the support of friendly countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Russia.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero