Football 4 in Jaruco, final between Chelsea and Barcelona

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Published on Wednesday, 02 August 2017 14:39
Written by Angel Riverón
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After a long summer to the Football Tournament 4 in Jaruco is left only the game of the final, between the boys of Chelsea and one of the historical, Barcelona, as they both came to it in a very different way.


Chelsea, who qualified in the fourth place, defeated Bayern Munich of San Antonio by the difference of the goals, as they won in the 5-3 leg but fell on the return, 2-1, while Barcelona overthrew the Real Madrid of San Antonio after drawing 1 in the first way and winning 5-4 on lap.


In the semifinals Chelsea were waiting for Juventus, and here I want to stop because these boys lacked respect for everyone, leaving their semifinal to argue that they did not play against Chelsea, as is agreed in the regulation that has all the teams from the beginning of the tournament, a serious indiscipline that if it fell on me, the decision for them would be that all their players would be out of the next two municipal tournaments to be held in Jaruco. We are adult men, not children, and we must respect but above all respect ourselves.


So Chelsea advanced to the final, which although it is not their fault was not the ideal way to get it, on the other hand the duel between the Valencia of the veteran, first of the classification and Barcelona promised much more but was left alone, because in the first way Barcelona won by six zero and there everything finished, because the return was suspended by rain, with the mutual agreement of both teams.


This Monday will be the final match between Chelsea and Barcelona two fair contenders, the first to achieve their first municipal football title and the second to reach their third award and return to the summit avoid in the last two years.
There is much to improve, starting with the attitude of those who play, because without their complete commitment is very difficult to make a serious tournament.


It is necessary to obtain more support from INDER, and to improve many things regarding the organization, more referees, and other details but beyond that, we can say in a general way that it has been a successful event, disputed with many desires and that was played during all the summer, and therefore fulfilled its objective, to make enjoy to the town of Jaruco of a good sport spectacle.


The football league 4 of the summer in Jaruco hopefully has arrived to stay, that is the desire of many, to the Chelsea of Yordan, Raidel, the Nano and Inside, and the Barcelona of Marquitos, Juan Carlos, the baby, Alejandro and el Cactus, lucky in the final, and win the best, football lovers in this city.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero