I love it

This Saturday begins new sub series in the 57th National Baseball Series, but none more attractive than that of Captain San Luis, between Industriales and Pinar del Rio.


As in the old days, one of the Classics of the Cuban baseball returns to be. El Pinar of Pedro Luis Lazo, first of the table with 20 won and 8 lost, and in half game, the Industrialists of Víctor Mesa, that come from sweep to Ciego de Ávila and Villa Clara of consecutive form, without doubt the shock promises.


Pinar del Rio’s team could’ not count with Yosvani Torres, who lost his second game last Thursday against Sancti Spíritus, but the pitcher is a guarantee, but the blue ones will have for the sub series their two main figures, Frank Monthié and Noelvis Entenza, which might incline in the prediction the balance on the blue side.


That great duel, I'm sure, will fill the San Luis, and will make it a long time ago, did not make much of the hobby in Cuba follow with great expectation, both teams have won.


Of the other subsets of the Ciego de Avila and Las Tunas tournament and the Artemisa-Granma duel, the other big players of the weekend, while the Island plays with Santiago, Guantánamo with Matanzas, Villa Clara with Cienfuegos, Camagüey with Sancti Spíritus, and our Hurricanes of Mayabeque that rival Holguín.


Those in the youngest province of Cuba play for 12 successes and 18 failures but it is necessary to emphasize to the ones directed by Vannoy Arado, they have indicators superior to those of the series, pitch, batting and defense, they waste courage in each exit to the land, and although they are in place 14 of the table, only three games of Sancti Spíritus and 4 of Granma to access the zone of the comodines of the play off, reason why the fight continues.


Highly emphasize what Artemisa has done with 17 victories and 12 defeats that have him right now in the 4th position of the table, the hunters are a team of care and at this point no one underestimates them, that's for sure.


Also Matanzas has its merit (with many casualties from one year to another), and the national champion Granma, has to consolidate his game as walking at these heights reeling in the eighth place can be very dangerous for his aspirations, especially for the closed the ranking, between the first place and the ninth there are only five sets of difference.


The 57 National Series is appealing despite some game indicators such as the walks, errors or the stunning amount of ball touches, whose numbers reflect that in the long run they do not bring the desired race, meaning that they fail much more of what they achieve their goal.


Even though the series likes, the theme is on the street and even though the performance of the Cubans in the big leagues, and in Japan continues in each improvised rock, the Pinar, Industriales, Victor Mesa and Lazo, and the rest, achieve that the flame of discord is kept alive by our homemade baseball, which although it is not, by its general quality, that we deserve or to which we aspire, keeps alive the passion for our national sport.


The series walks, approaches the second half of this first stage and the fight is well closed, no one can predict for sure who were below the first four, although it seems that Pinar, Industriales and Las Tunas will classify directly, now everything is very open from now on. The baseball is good and that's the least to me, as Estelvina would say in Alegrías de SobreMesa, I love it!
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero