End, tight and relaxed

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Published on Saturday, 30 September 2017 11:35
Written by Angel Riverón riveron@cmbt.icrt.cu
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The 57 National Series is good, contrary to what many thought, including myself, their biggest enemy has been water and not the lack of assistance to the stadiums, because although most games are during the day, the amount of people with respect to the previous period has tripled.


Why? The answer has variants, one of them is undoubtedly the arrival of Pedro Luis Lazo to Pinar del Río, Orestes Kindelán to Santiago de Cuba and Victor Mesa to Industriales, then there is the good start of some teams like Santiago, who now do not it is good


Pinar started well, Industriales has settled, but teams such as Artemisa, Las Tunas, Mayabeque, have given much color to the championship, and others such as Granma, Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila which as favorites that have passed in a hurry have also kept the hobby in vilo.


In general and taking into account what I have seen, I see the boys with more surrender in the field than other years, I see more enthusiasm in the stands, and that helps, although we continue with huge deficiencies in our baseball, as the number of mistakes, walks, or ball touches and more, but a hard-fought tournament always helps the respectable.


The series 57 entered its final stretch, there are only 12 games remaining, four subsets where everything will be decided, Las Tunas and Industriales lead, Pinar and Matanzas are the others that are in the direct zone of classification and Artemisa, Ciego, Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Sancti Spíritus, are fighting hard for the four playoff positions, although Mayabeque, La Isla, Camaguey, Villa Clara and Holguin still have possibilities.


The difference between the fifth place, Artemisa and place 14 Holguin is only four games, so we will have to wait for the calendar to end and then the games sealed or suspended to know.

On the other hand this week was known that the All-Star Game will be in Pinar del Rio, and I agree, first for its results in the tournament and second was a province that was not affected by the passage of Hurricane Irma.


On October 20 is scheduled to make the selection of reinforcements for the second stage, while the 21 will be held the game of retired stars, and the 22 for the National Series.


This is how things go in the Cuban baseball, and the best is yet to come, the game is about 45 and there may be great surprises, favorites left out and others invited alone to the second round, let's enjoy baseball that at least for now he is giving to speak for good like he had not done for a while.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero