A ninth reinforced by Jaruco

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Published on Monday, 09 October 2017 12:19
Written by Yuniel Rodríguez Chávez
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The professional improvement of athletes of Jaruco continues in ascent, it turns out that the baseball is at the moment the sport more represented by young figures outside this town. For example, the three players from Jaruco now make up the Mayabeque team roster, category 15-16 years, and they are the receivers Roger Bolaños, center fielder Carlos Alejandro Calderón and pitcher Rusmay Gutiérrez.


These players, according to the coach of receivers of the provincial ninth, also Jaruqueño Justo Luis Perez, are now in perfect physical and technical condition. He said that the boys, who were also his students, are training every morning from Monday to Friday, at his headquarters, Stadium Heroes of Mayabeque, municipality of Güines, and that in November will begin the friendly caps already agreed with the teams of Havana and Cienfuegos.


According to Justo Luis Pérez, one of the coaches of the Mayabeque team, category 15-16 years, the preparation of the players of the province is carried out in the face of the National Championship of the discipline, starting in January of 2018.


But the results of the team will not be possible without the constancy of the güinero manager Osvaldo Matos and the experience in the pitch area of Alexis Pacheco, all supported in addition to the coaching staff, which together make the selection an "armored squad".


In the future, the media in this province will follow the competitive trajectory of the Mayabeque team, category 15-16 years, and personally with a strong interest in the four players of the County City, who, I reiterate, now show an excellent attitude to face the coming comparisons.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero