To follow, from the neighborhood, doing Revolution

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Published on Friday, 29 September 2017 13:06
Written by Angel Riverón
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On September 28 in Cuba's history lives thanks to the decision of the revolutionary government and Fidel Castro, his great leader, to institute an organization that would involve all the Cuban people with the objective of safeguarding what the nascent revolution was achieving in pro of its benefit.



And as Fidel said, no one better than the people to take care of their interests, so on September 28, 1960, 57 years ago, Cuba's largest mass organization, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), was born in Cuba.


On January 1, 1959, our country undertook the construction of a model of government alongside the people, fighting for its prosperity and equality for the first time in its history. It was and is a model of government where the people participate actively in decision making.


In 1959, a group of young people with revolutionary ideas in all senses had embarked on a difficult road.

They, led by Fidel Castro, knew well that the trajectory would be very hard, full of risks and dangers, always threatened by the Yankee imperialism, an enemy who soon realized that this Revolution, which rose in its nostrils, had nothing servile or cowardly, independent, sovereign and determined not to give in to their ideas and especially one that would never turn against its people.


These were convulsive times, the counterrevolutionaries encouraged by the CIA and the governments in the White House, were a constant threat through groups of wage-earners who were counterrevolutionaries.

And Fidel as always, ahead of the enemy, understood the need to "establish a system of collective revolutionary vigilance - said Fidel Castro on that occasion - They are playing with the people and do not yet know who the people are; are playing with the people and do not know the tremendous revolutionary force the people have "


At that time almost one million Cubans were gathered in the Presidential Palace, now the Museum of the Revolution and at the end of that historic speech, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution were created, which played and play a determining role in the organization of each block and in knowing in truth who is who in the neighborhood.


The CDR frustrated many of the actions planned by the CIA in the early years of the Revolution and its role has been decisive in the construction of Cuban socialism in these years.


Regarding the validity and importance of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, we could cite the Commander-in-Chief when, in his address of September 28, 1996, when the 36th anniversary of the organization: "... How many are the services provided by CDRs to country in any field, mobilizations to collect coffee, or to support the harvest, or to clean canes or other crops, in activities that require a good dose of effort and personal sacrifice? From the struggle for the production of food in a special period, the promotion of fish production centers, the planting of timber or fruit trees, there is no an activity where CDRs can be dispensed "


With the passage of time and the consolidation of the Revolution, the CDRs continue to play a fundamental role in the future of society and in the proper functioning of the neighborhood and maintains its validity in times in which some may think that in time, it's not like that at all.


The leadership of the country summons that from the Committees of Defense of Revolution, to increase the political-ideological work and of prevention in the block, it is urgent to do it banishing the fear to look for problems, something that is only achieved with more vigilance and revolutionary fighting spirit. To watch over the common welfare is a duty of every cederista.


In this 2017 the 57th anniversary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution will have a different meaning and recreational work became productive and recovery as it could not be otherwise.
Cuba was violently struck by Hurricane Irma between September 7 and 10, one of the most powerful hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean and that affected directly from Guantánamo to Havana, reason why the National Direction of the CDR called to the town to dedicate this new anniversary to the total recovery of the country.


This was made known publicly in their note to the newspaper Granma on September 20, Betty Oria González, national ideology of the CDR, congratulated the more than eight million Cuban cederistas and added that the traditional parties of September 27 in waiting of 28, will be transformed into "political acts of revolutionary reaffirmation", where the typical adornments of the date and the Cuban flag, symbol of unity, resistance and patriotism of the people, should not be missing.


And she also pointed out that this time we will not request recourse to the government to soften the parties in order that all resources are destined for recovery, we still know that the soup will not miss, and is that despite the difficult times we live in Cuba will rise, and we will always find reasons to celebrate.


Pinar del Río hosted the central activity this morning of the 28th in the monument erected to the brothers Saiz, and from there in the name of all Cubans reaffirmed our commitment to continue watching over the well-being of the citizen and to continue, from the neighborhood, doing Revolution.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero