My right to vote

Today is March 11, 2018. At twelve o'clock at night I advanced one hour on the clock. Fortunately, the change of schedule did not play a trick on me. It must have been at seven o'clock in my polling station to vote among the first. Is that, this year, I have significant reasons to exercise my right to vote early and with responsibility.

My college feels like a neighborhood party. They turn up Radio Jaruco. They know that there is a special program that accompanies the elections ... Music, promotions, the schedule of the parties ... I enter and they receive me with joy. They were waiting for me. They are people from my constituency. Some have been at this polling station for years. They are well prepared.

After the greeting, I show my identity card; they check that I'm on the list, and I sign next to my name. They give me the tickets. The white ballot paper is to vote for the candidates for the Provincial Assembly and the green for the deputies to the parliament. They are all women. And delegates like me. Yes, because that is one of the reasons why I should be an example for my community. For the first time, I vote as delegate of my constituency.


I'm going to the voting booth and exercise my citizen's right to vote secretly. I have it clear. I mark in the circles of both tickets. I choose them all ... Cuban women, workers, federated; some professionals like me. I will be well represented.

The pioneers welcome me with a happy greeting. I deposit my tickets in the corresponding ballot boxes and listen to their voices. Vote!
I say goodbye and I proudly greet the many voters who are already waiting to vote. It is possible that, like me, they will work this Sunday, in which also, for the first time, I will make journalistic coverage of an election. These are the first since the triumph of the Revolution that the Cuban people have lived without the presence of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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