Listening to Idania

To get to work, Radio Jaruco, she must travel just a few meters, hence it is not the haste that takes her out of bed every morning for 41 years.

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The perfect medicine

Exists? Of course, say those who attend the Consultation at the Felo Echezarreta Ruiz Polyclinic, in San José de las Lajas, where, since 2012 offer specialized comprehensive attention to the diabetic patient.

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The poet Héctor Gutiérrez votes YES FOR CUBA. A building that although does not show the best balconies, is the building of justice

"The reasons for voting on February 24 that Yes for the Constitution that, of course improved, is the most inclusive Constitution that we have had, is the extreme responsibility that Cubans have"
Héctor Gutiérrez, Mayabeque's poet, Cuba, argues his reasons for the Yes.

"My grandparents, my ancestors told me about the work they went through to learn to write. The current generations were born with schools. When you are born you arrive at a house where everything is built and, if there is no one to remind you how the house was built from the ground, you grow a little disoriented and that makes you uncomfortable. You arrived and it was done, that is, I want that, as I had it, as my daughters have it, there are schools for the Cuban children of the future; schools with tranquility, schools where practically the children go alone; You do not have to take them in a car with an escort. We have to give a lot of value to that. That's one of my primary reasons, because you have to start from there. "

The poet finds it hard not to compare.

"I have had the opportunity to travel through Latin America, Europe and I have seen a lot. We have to vote because young people have hospitals, the right to health, so human that the Revolution guarantees. Sometimes we complain when we lack a duralgina and we do not know what it costs to maintain daily, minute by minute, the health system of this country. "

Héctor Gutiérrez knows that he does not live in a perfect society and the Constitution is a way to improve it.
"Citizen tranquility is a conquest for which we must also vote. We are not, as the song of Pablo Milanés says, a perfect society but we must preserve the peace that is breathed in Cuba, the protection that the citizen has as a human being ... We always have to remind people that the Revolution humanized this country. That is the fundamental reason why we have to go to the polls and say Yes to the Constitution, -I love that word when I say it-, inclusive, where everyone has a voice, everyone has a vote. It is the Constitution that the grateful ones have to reaffirm, support and those who are not grateful, because there are also those in the imperfect society that we are.
There are people who give value to material things above the spiritual, the human and who are left confused by the siren songs; much more now with open social networks that lend themselves to confusion. "
The poet who one day defined the tenth ...

"It's my heart singing
over all the stands,
timely images,
by the flag looking for.
It's the story claiming
a time of courage.
It is the strength of manhood
which is placed in function
of the soul and the heart,
the tenth is cubanía "...

He today warns us:
"I look to the people of Cuba with the confusions. A friend, the documentary maker Patricia Tápanes, when we recorded our documentary, she told me, - Before they attacked us, today they seduce us - And, then, today a manipulated video is uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, all the networks and anyone believes a lie . Painfully, a lie so many times repeated, many come to believe that it is true. You have to be clear, you have to have your feet on the ground; there are many conquests, there are many beautiful things. The victory of February 24 for me is sure. "
The poet Héctor Gutiérrez, trusts the vote of the Cubans for the Yes and now speaks to the family.

"I think we have to call the family that is the first school and remind those who were born a few days ago, those who are born today and those who will be born tomorrow, that this is a building with foundations of blood that, with the weapons, we conquered the First of January of the 59. A building that although does not show the best balconies, although it does not have the best ceiling is the building of the justice ".

According to the poet, another great responsibility has the troop of the Ministry of Education:
"We must remind the new generations that Fidel was not the sick old man of the last days, but was a soldier who dreamed of a Homeland, gave us a homeland and today is not a silence of ashes in a stone of Santiago de Cuba, where many are going to put flowers, on the contrary, it is a beacon that guides because he left an example, because it built a country. And that has to be said every day, both at home and at school. I would like the troop of the Ministry of Education, history classes not only take until the 59, but the rich history of sixty years, with its victories, its setbacks, its heroes, its traitors, be known ; because over sixty years, we have had great heroes and we have had people who have failed us and that has to be known. "

The poet insists that it is about preaching history as the gospels.
"I admire, being a communist, being a fidelist, to the Christians who go, from door to door, with the preaching of Jesus. The Sierra that we have to climb today's generations, that on February 24 we have to fulfill what Fidel bequeathed us, we have to go from person to person, beyond, from door to door, with the revolutionary preaching that, if well, it's not perfect, to me, I've had the chance to know the world, I fell in love with the heart, it committed me forever. "

And I leave you with a gift from Héctor Gutiérrez, Catalina's Gallo ...
"Claudia has well saved
the message of Fidel.
I have bristly skin.
My eyes have gotten wet.
You approach with a message
that makes me immense this moment,
I keep under my countenance
the enormous privilege
having been at school
of Fidel another student.

The one with my paternal candy
 sweetens everything
it’s my flower in the superior corner
 of my sleeplessness.
She already says to Fidel grandfather,
knowing that he is not his granddaughter,
What luck the poet had!
The heiress of his name
has a message from man
biggest on this planet!
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

Many Reasons, To Say #YOVOTOSÍ

Cubans who had the opportunity to read, analyze and then discuss the Constitution Project of the Republic of Cuba, between August and November of last year, when it was held in popular consultation in neighborhoods and in educational and student centers, we can see today that The new Magna Carta if it takes into account the opinion of the people, establishing a comparison between what it previously said and what it reflects today.


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The Cuban doctor

The doctor Jaruqueño Asiel Casañas Martínez, is back in his small homeland after integrating the program Más Médicos, in the municipality Cándido Rodríguez, belonging to the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

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They say he was a son of God

They say he was a son of God. He guaranteed that history would absolve him and that's how it was. He became the most righteous man, the most acclaimed, the wisest, the one who managed to unite millions, even those who did not think like him.

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When the flame of freedom was lighted

With the outbreak of the War of Independence on October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and del Castillo, lighted the flame of a nascent Revolution. However, he and the brave men who accompanied him in that deed were aware that the Constitution of the Republic in Arms should be established on the Island.


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The Society Fraternal Union of Jaruco

Tell the story that on that day the song was heard louder to our African ancestors. Mix of the congo with carabalí. It was the sound of batá drums; the weeping of the Orichas tearing the throats of the believers. But, the bare feet do not dance on the ground, this time they step on a different stage.

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"The house of the Gandarilla"

Going through the historic center of the County City of Jaruco and carefully observing its surroundings is going back more than two centuries. I experienced that feeling a few days ago when I was impressed by a house whose owner is Manuel Gandarilla, a lover of colonial architecture.

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Credit and Services Cooperative Rómulo Padrón, A big family

On Sunday, August 26, the First Secretary of the Party in Mayabeque, Yanina de la Nuez Aclich, visited the Farming Fair of Jaruco and, in assessing what was found, the only words of praise went to the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Rómulo Padrón.

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What did happen in Jaruco in the middle of the 1940 Constitution?

Our nation now lives a decisive present with the popular consultation of the Constitution Project of the Republic of Cuba and we carry out this process in the midst of a reality totally different from Cuba that existed before January 1, 1959.

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A dream come true

The young Jaruqueña Arletys Cárdenas Reyes, well knows what it means to feel fulfilled because at the age of 21 years is a nurse wanted and recognized by the people.

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A young revolutionary of San Antonio"

In my journey through the history of Jaruco, the vast history of this territory, I discovered a man who dedicated all his youth, until his death, to the nascent Cuban Revolution. His name is Ivo Fernández Sánchez.

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When I was in the Moncada

Whenever the month of July arrives my thoughts go back to my student stage when I attended primary school "28 de Octubre", in the municipality of Madruga. The reason for my regression in time is because my school was a center with a very special building, before January 1, 1959, it served as a military barracks at the service of the Batista army.

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Gabriel Gil Alfonso, a moncadista jaruqueño

During these days when Cubans celebrate the National Rebellious Day, we Jaruqueños proudly honor the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gabriel Gil Alfonso, one of the assailants to the Moncada Barracks.

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