Deysi, an angel who left us

As every angel departed this Wednesday, the unknown journey to eternity, Rosario Deysi Rubio Barceló. A woman all dedication and love to a profession to which she dedicated body and soul, the teaching.

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Meeting to remember

Participating in the Fourth International Meeting of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, which was held in the capital last week, was for the young Orlando Vargas Blanco an experience that he will never forget.

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Guillermo Martínez Méndez: when the will is called man

All know his image in the County City of Jaruco; he is one of those popular characters who weave the history in these centenary streets. His name, as common as any Cuban: Guillermo Martínez Méndez.

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Martí as a guide

Loving and studying the work of José Martí is for Mirta Veliz Pérez an old woman, 75 years old from San Antonio de Río Blanco, one of the passions that have accompanied her all her life since she was very little.

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I carry the circus art in my veins

Making a child laugh is difficult for many, but when one loves the profession of circus artist, few resist the urge to smile. Jorge González: "I always liked the art of the circus, but it happens that since I was a child I was always afraid of the clowns and my mother told me that when I went to birthdays I started to cry when I saw them. I say that life takes many turns and then I was inclined towards that art. The first thing I did was the clown in a camping, I always enjoyed the clowns show there and I was inclined for that, people told me that that profession was not learned, it was something that had to like one and be born with the person, who had several requirements such as knowing how to work with children, charisma, ethics, but I said yes, I wanted to learn to be a clown and little by little I was learning, I was acquiring the necessary knowledge.

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An unshakable friendship

The history of Cuba is nourished by the blood and the courage of those who were men of their time in the time they had to live. One of those courageous martyrs was Fermín Valdés Domínguez, Jose Marti's classmate at the San Anacleto School, and later a pupil of Rafael María de Mendive.

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What is the meaning of the creation of the County City?

It is possible friends may have wondered more than once what is the special meaning for Jaruco be a County City? In fact, the cultural significance of the fact of creation of the city has several meanings.

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Breastfeeding, the baby's first vaccine

Journalist: Breast milk is the first food that receives the newborn to promote healthy growth.
During a tour of the Maternal Home of this City I talked with Dr. Luis Gómez, general doctor in function of that institution in the territory and with some future mothers in the matter.

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People of people

The simpler people, whom many call marginalized, also mark the beating of the towns, with their histories of life.

For many they are rare characters, anachronistic, far from sanity, living beings of fantastic worlds, but who understand them they come to love and miss.

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The values we defend

Journalist: The reaffirmation of values in children, adolescents and young people is of the utmost importance, because they are the most vulnerable to changes in society and the future and continuity of our social project depends on them.

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Martí, the most universal of all Cubans

One hundred and twenty-two years separated him from his last home in this country that saw him born. Several years have passed, but the everlasting example of an upright man is still cultivated in the land that said goodbye on May 19, 1945. With Martí is the white rose, symbol of peace and freedom of a Cuba that evokes and weighs him that in spite of the years follows its revolutionary ideology that illuminates the future.

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Vilma Espín Guillois, a woman made Revolution

Eighty-seven years on April 7 was Vilma Espín Guillois, a santiaguera from the plain and mountain who soon identified herself as a bulwark in the struggle for independence.

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Always a guerrilla

For some time the use of cell phones is a constant in the lives of Cubans and to There are men who protect a family and are good, there are those who give all for something in return, but the real men are those who, without obtaining rewards, fight for their people with dreams of justice. That is the case of Ernesto Guevara, an Argentinean who entered the heart of the Cubans and today lives more than ever in the soul of the revolutionaries who thank their victories.

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"Silvia: a woman on the radio."

When I finished writing these lines today, I thought ... "My classmates will tell me, you're earning the Chief." But, my respect and admiration for women like this who works on the radio inspire me.

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Mella does not die

"The struggle against imperialism of all forces and tendencies is the most important struggle at the present time ...”

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