A promise of Cuban science in Jaruco

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This young man from Jaruco is barely 23 years old, but he accumulates a world of knowledge, to the point that it is already a promise of Cuban science.

His name is José Ángel Lesteiro Tejeda and has just closed with a flourish the fourth year of the Nuclear Physics career at the Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences (InSTEC), at Quinta de los Molinos.

Successfully applied for a summer course that began less than a week ago at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Switzerland where he shares, experiments and gives free reign to his insatiable thirst for learning.

From the early years of his childhood he excelled as a “brainiac” among his classmates. I learned very fast, one after another won the competitions at all levels, but without losing the naivety, the tenderness, the modesty.

To arrive until this point of the way is the fruit of its constancy and dedication to the sciences, especially to the Physics. But he also recognizes that his virtues and the accumulated merits are due, above all things, to the fact of having a wonderful family.

His father, a respected and loved doctor in his city, his mother, excellent psychologist and his sister too. All of them lined their way in life and exhorted him to pursue their dreams, without ever getting tired.

He is proud to belong to the InSTEC, one of the most important Cuban institutions in the training of professionals in nuclear technologies and atmospheric sciences.

In the hands of this exceptional young man there is also the future of nuclear activity on the planet. He knows it; hence he embraces the mission of knowing his kindness, facing his challenges, deciphering his mysteries. That is his greatest purpose in life.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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