After the tornado, we are all!

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Jesús Vale Batista and Lázaro Javier Vale Rodríguez, father and son, are working in the patio of their house when they heard a strange noise. It was five o’clock in the afternoon of this June 29 in the town of Caraballo, and had just been surprised by a tornado.

In just seconds the roof of their house flew through the air, inside was Lazaro’s wife with her young son but, fortunately, both left unharmed from that tongue of furious wind.

“Minutes later there were more than a hundred neighbors helping us to collect everything”, meant the old Jesus, who claims never to have lived an event of that nature.

A few hours later the authorities of the Government of Jaruco and Mayabeque were on the scene, including the First Secretary of the Party, Yanina de Nuez Aclich.

Immediately the workers of Housing, Physical Planning and of other organisms began to evaluate the damages, (in total they were 37 housings with total and partial affectations of ceiling), they pointed later.

The tornado winds also tore the roof of the play area in the daycare, Los pioneritos.

The maintenance worker, beaten with the repair of the property for a month, (already replaced the doors and windows), confessed that the arrangement of the broken adds from now to his agenda.

In spite of this, on early Monday the educational institution opened its doors to receive its 40 infants, who after traveling through quiet and clear streets, ignored the bad time that the tornado made pass to their countrymen.

A gentleman also arrived at the children’s house, exhibiting, willingly and like a trophy, the metal arrow that for more than three decades was part of the poster that identified it.

Both parties were dragged to many blocks of the place but are already back as if warning, that after the storm comes calm.
There is tranquility in the people: the victims trust in the resources that are already beginning to arrive to heal the wounds of nature and resume the normal course of their lives.

The most important thing is that they passed the list … And nobody is missing!

“We’re all alive, helping each other, and that’s the most important thing!” An old man shouted to inscribe his sentence in the collective memory as the best lesson left by the tornado in Caraballo.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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