And where is my audience…?

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This is how the clown Trompolín and the rest of the artists from the Rafael Riverón Cultural Brigade, from Mayabeque, asked themselves when they were ready to begin their presentation in Jaruco this nine of July, at two in the afternoon.

In the park popularly known as El Cocodrilo, on the 25th avenue of the County City, the public was absent. Where are the children, where are the people? What do we do? Said those who were at the front of the show

Almost forty minutes later than planned, they began, but with the dismay that floods the soul of any artist when laughter, approval, emotion, joy are scarce.

It is true that not only the artist lives, but what meaning would his work have without them?

The issue is that despite the popular emptiness, the clown Trompolín, (a teenager of only thirteen years old) acted, there were dances and the peasant music was heard that animated the verse of three children repentistas of San José de las Lajas, excited to demonstrate what learned in a workshop at their House of Culture.

But this is not an isolated event, it is repeated more than we would like, especially when it comes to an event of such noble nature, conceived as a gift for communities, settlements, cities and towns throughout the province.

In summary, the promotion failed. Everything seems to indicate that those involved in the task of systematically disseminating the broad cultural program designed for this summer 2019, the same in Jaruco as at the provincial level, either ignored the fact or downplayed it.

Now, look at the other side of the coin, how different is the organization when it comes to an artistic group of any kind with a previous contract, in a closed location and whose tickets are sold, generally, at a not inconsiderable price?

Then the squares fill up, why? Because the auto-speakers appear, while the promoters and the artists themselves go to the radio stations, to the television and call the newspaper.

And also the flyers are multiplied and posters are stuck everywhere, the same on the walls, the doors of the establishments or on the columns of the houses; Look, they even papered the power lines with the stamp of groups, actors and soloists.

The dilemma seems to lie between the value and the price that is granted to a given cultural product. On what scale do they locate it? It is true that we can not separate the financial from the spiritual issue in these times marked by the search for sustainability and efficiency.

But beware; you should never lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is the reward obtained on both sides, in the public and in the artist: enjoyment, enjoyment, taste, and learning. And that is achieved when it is given and received with love.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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