As in an eternal 26

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What does it mean to make each day of the almanac a 26?
The invitation of President Díaz Canel to convert each commitment into a victorious Moncada, reminds us this July 26, 2019, how beautiful is the heritage granted to us by the Fatherland.

And it is that when one thinks of the young people of that glorious epic, what overwhelms the spirit, above all things, is their extraordinary strength to resist and defend themselves with so little, as Haydée, the heroine of Moncada said.

They went in search of life and the dream of a better future for Cuba, an aspiration that remains because although they have the visions of these times, other faces, new words, different challenges, the essential thing that is the people, beats, emerges, Live in this work just as real and wonderful.

Today the context is different, but the intentions and purposes of the Empire are the same, warns the Cuban President who once again blew up the ideal of “thinking as a country.”

And he warned, “… because nobody is going to think for us, and the giant with seven-legged boots (…) has long since ceased to be a visionary metaphor for Marti to become an express force of what awaits us …”

The seriousness and passion in everything that is done, in every inch of the road is fundamental, it follows from his words, and explicitly summoned again, “To demand, to control, to banish the routine and verify, in fact, if the formula we used yesterday is effective or must be renewed ”.

Each alert, each council, each exhortation of yours has the nuances of the Fathers of the Revolution, so continuing to connect to those ideals of changing everything that must be changed, but without making concessions, is the key to sustaining the project of that New Cuba and our love if we persevere in transforming these principles into behavior before life, who will then be able to postpone our most expensive dreams? Who will have the power to defeat our hunger to continue?

Our country is still Abel, Boris, Renato, it is still Fidel, it remains, without the slightest hint of doubt, an eternal 26.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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