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Because breastfeeding is loving and because both the mother and her son can, from day one, build a healthier and happier life together, is that Elizabeth gives her six-month-old Cristian Ernesto the healthiest and most fundamental of Food, breast milk.

That young woman from Jaruco says that she will breastfeed her child until he wants to, and adds that her eldest son breastfed him until he was two years old.

“This is very healthy and the other did not give a cold,” she says while downplaying the myths and realities that relate breastfeeding to the aesthetics of the body.

Being a mother who gave birth in a healthcare center in Cuba, she gave herself to breastfeeding in the first hour after the birth of her baby, an act that says, “It’s the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.”

And that is the incentive that drives the campaign promoted by the health promoters of the municipality in this “World Breastfeeding Week”, which is celebrated having as its central theme, early initiation.

The benefits of breast milk and its importance to prevent illnesses both the son and the mother, will move the talks, meetings and exchanges with women of childbearing age and pregnant women, in these seven days.

They will also disseminate laws that ensure and provide Cuban working women with medical care during pregnancy, pre and postnatal rest and breastfeeding.

The celebration will be a pretext to multiply in the community the awareness that breastfeeding saves thousands of infants under 6 months in the world, but also defends mothers from diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Not to mention that it is a food that does not need preparation, which is economical and at the same time provides the pleasure of attachment, affection, emotional balance.

In summary, as the Spanish nutritionist Julio Basulto maintains, “Breastfeeding is much more than food. It is a form of physical and emotional relationship; it is contact in the face of loneliness, comfort in the face of sadness, security to discover the world, anesthesia for pain. ”


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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