Born for art

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This July 10 at six o’clock in the afternoon to Altinay Martínez Ávila it seemed to him that the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater of Cuba, in Havana was a palace and she, his princess.

For those who had the courage to defend utopia came the day to adjust the crown and savor the throne in the country of their dreams: graduate in the Art School of Audiovisual Media (FAMCA) of the University of the Arts.

And in what way: Graduated more integral and with the highest academic index, recognition of honor of the University Student Federation (FEU) and Gold Title.

It is that Altinay was born for art and in that universe, his universe, apparently, the unattainable does not exist. She knew it very early, when she arrived with her innocence and her scooters to the studios of Radio Jaruco where she played the Nay of the Program, “La Edad de Oro”.

Marina, Carmita, Zamira, Anelis and all those who foresaw the angel in the soul of the little six-year-old artist also guessed it. The doubts remained: a star was being born.

Attending this birth of light has been one of the great privileges of those who make radio in this community plant, which this 23-year-old girl still recognizes as her home and her best academy.

This is what dozens of awards, recognitions and memories that she keeps in his house in Jaruco, where her best accomplices and friends, his parents, also inhabit.

In the midst of so many fireworks, Altinay finally embraces the title of Bachelor of Arts in the audiovisual media, but she does it with a green humility despite the distance, her many knowledge, her great brightness.

This is just the beginning of something great in her life. Starting in September, she will give radio classes in the FAMCA and in the shelter of a great of Cuban culture, Caridad Martínez González, director and writer of the Radio and full professor of that institution.

She also aspires to a Master’s degree, to achieve a doctorate in the future, but right now she plans to direct the program “Ventana” of Radio Progreso in August, to present a short film of her, to share what she has done … although, definitely, her biggest project is do not be still
Nothing stops that bird with such short wings and such high dreams, “Fly! I can not tell you anymore.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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