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“If you want to change the world, change yourself.”

The National Assembly of People’s Power has just approved the new Electoral Law, the Law of symbols and the first Fisheries Law of the Republic of Cuba, as proof that we continue to change among all and for the good of all.
Does it mean then that all that legal scaffolding can march on its own?

Is it invested with superpowers to transform the complex reality of the country in a jiffy?

Undoubtedly, the fact of allowing, from the plurality, that new legal paths guide development in key areas of society is transcendental and above all, timely.

But if, in parallel, the ways to control and make the behaviors conform to the laws are not put into practice (efficiently and effectively), they will pale on paper.

I do not think that this different road map is definitive but something is clear to me is crucial and marks a pattern in the history of the Cuban Revolution.

The largest and even the smallest human discoveries were born of the trial and error method, also applicable to the regulations that are carried out in fact.

And I do not want to infer that you have to be modifying something every day, but in the midst of such a dynamic scenario there will never be enough to review, rectify and readjust everything that materializes in legal matters.

The transformations that have already been applied, even before the new constitution was ratified, the same in housing, self-employment, foreign investment and other sectors are thermometers that we must observe carefully.
On the shoulders of some weigh the responsibility of improving the changes, (from the socialist legality), without regrets and with integrated solutions, as President Diaz Canel warns.

But we all have the fundamental right to: respect and defend the law with conscience and enthusiasm, with insight, knowledge, courage and passion for Cuba, otherwise we will be distancing ourselves from that final product, which is ultimately a more just and prosperous, country.

These days there are those who in bad faith criticize the national legal novelties because they point to the resolute metamorphosis of, to continue being ourselves.

It is worth walking, even if you fall, warns the writer Eduardo Galeano, who remembers that the challenge has been posed for a long time and it is not precisely, to become a sad caricature of the North.

That is why we have conspired to change, transform and improve Cuba for Cubans and also for the world.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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