Country Club Julito Martínez in tribute to women jaruqueña

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The country club Julito Martínez will return on Sunday, August 25, at three in the afternoon, to the El Recanto recreational center, in Jaruco, dedicated on this occasion to the 59th anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women.That day will be paid to the Jaruqueñas women linked to peasant music, poetesses, writers, tonadistas and instrumentalists, said Maribel Mirabal, promoter of those meetings that takes place on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Tomasita Quiala, José Manuel Gil, Osmany Tejera, and Miguel Herrera, among other exponents of the improvised verse, will perform in the country club Julito Martínez next Sunday in Jaruco.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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